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February 26th 2008
Published: February 26th 2008
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With the houses and myself on mend I belatedly turned my attention to Bottie,made especially important at the first hint of pungent smell from flowers on porch!! He has got himself linked with the other look alike female (M's) and I am just hoping that it's at the just good friends stage or it will be like locking the stable door----!!Anyway I have just come from the vet's in Dobrich and I will collect him tomorrow.He is also getting wormed and when we go back for his stiches to come out he will get his multiple injection for usual problems and rabies. Quite remarkably the o'nite and op comes to only 47Lv -tho' for Bulgarians I understand why there are so many unneutered cats and dogs. I also found my new (all gas )cooker for 24 yesterday ,when hunting out the vets, so things are looking up.Weather is holding in the mid- tens(13 - 19) so life is exquisite.One visit to beach was great(22/2) but provisions of privacy at 24 and less flies mean all over tan is pleasantly achieved without going out of the village. Next big celebration is on 8/3 when the fully-fledged banquet is being staged.Perhaps I will be able to vary the dancing with addition of the electric slide. Will have a go anyway. Don't worry Denise no hope of taking over your role. Just on that best wishes for charity day and put the best foot forward!Well that's it 4 now. Supergran.


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