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Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Ahtopol July 25th 2004

South of Burgas on the Black Sea Coast at the last bus stop is the village of Ahtopol, population 1,300. Sounded nice in the guide books and was recommended by a Bulgarian bookmaker in Dupnitsa. The bus stopped at around 6.30pm, after a journey past Sozopol and beach after beach. We unloaded our ample backpacks and were imediatly approached by a small boy, we couldn't understand what he was offering but his grandma was better with the sign language, off to look at a private rom. Clean, close to the center, hot water, and only 20 lv (10 Euro) it seemed good to me. Sara wanted to see Hotel Neptune, but too late we were booked in. Next stop beach, unload the swimming gear, unstrap the beach mats we had unwisely carried from Budapest, available for ... read more
Ahtopol Habour
Storm over Ahtopol

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