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March 8th 2015
Published: March 11th 2015
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So, I wound up having a nice day on Sunday. I was not perfectly better, but I was good enough to enjoy more of the city.

I had coffee in the morning, and some bread, so not the sumptious breakfast of the previous day in an effort to help with my stomach complaint. It worked, so I went back to the main street and turned the opposite way than I had before. I saw many interesting shops, which I took pictures of, and did more shopping. However, when I got near the end of the street, I found a museum dedicated to a Bulgarian Renaissance thinker and an Orthodox church from the same time period.

I went to the museum, and it was absolutely deserted except for me and the guy running it - it was so peaceful and quiet and I got to explore the museum absolutely at my own pace without anyone else around wanting to look at what I'm looking at. The museum was set in the Renaissance thinker, Neofit Rilski,'s house and showed how he lived. I've uploaded some photos that I took in the museum, but at some point my cell phone had an issue and it took awhile to reboot, so I just stopped taking photos and enjoyed the sights.

After the museum, I went to the church, which was built in the 17th century. I think I expected the church to be like Notre Dame - still a real church, but mostly full of tourists. Nope, I seemed to be the only tourist in the church. I tried my best to appear respectful, and I obeyed the no photography signs. I even purchased a candle and lit it. I don't understand the significance of the act. The church was beautiful. I wish they sold photo books of the church since you're not allowed to take pictures inside, but they did not.

After the church, I walked around the area a bit and then walked back up the street. I had lunch at a place that served a very nice sea bass. Then it was time to head back to the hotel and get on the bus back to Prishtina. I had a very pleasant conversation on the bus ride back with my new friends that I made on the trip.

I'll definitely have to go on more UNMIK trips!


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12th March 2015

Awesome weekend
Here I thought tree sweaters came from Iowa City! Love all the pictures. Looks like a terrific weekend.

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