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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina June 20th 2013

It’s been a few days now since I left Bosnia and Herzegovina. It seems it was over in quite a whirlwind and as it turns out I never did take the road that I said I would. Oh, how quickly plans can change. The road out of Tjientiste was up and as always I’m glad for a little rest and a stop had thoughtfully been built to rest and take in the beauty of the surrounds. And it wasn’t long before I was joined by others. First came to Poles, Jan and Piotr, also cycling but as always in the opposite direction. They were undergoing a trip of 7 days and covering on average 100km. I take my newly bought hat off to them. Incredible. I cover 100km in 7 days : ) And shortly after, ... read more
Open window - new opportunties
What would Worksafe say of this
Love that horn

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Trebinje June 16th 2013

It’s been over a week since I’ve updated the blog I know. But, it’s been a busy one. I’ve flitted into another country for four days, Croatia, and am now back into the arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina but only for a few days and then it’s onto a new love, Montenegro. What a travel hussy! Being back in Dubrovnik was a weird experience. Seeing people I know since I last saw them ten years ago was also a weird experience. My ‘rational’ self had high expectations for remembering. The reality though was that everything appeared so totally unfamiliar. The old town yes, it looked familiar but the choking of it by tourists was in my eyes a new phenomenon. Granted, last time I was there was in September, off peak, and this time I was ... read more
Dubrovnik Old Town
The Swimming Spot
Clear waters of the Adriatic

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Zavala June 10th 2013

I think, when I posted last time, I had made some mention that I had made plans to meet someone at Medugorje at midday the following day? If not it was only not to alarm anyone who may start to worry and fret on knowing that I had made said arrangements with a random stranger met on the side of the road. Well, after having been given a wonderful, coffee fuelled send off by the good people at Pansion Most it was off to Medugorje. I bit of a late start to tell the truth and I was even more anxious when the owner said that it was not far, only 25km, but that I would have to push my bike for 5km because the road was too steep. Great, just what I need first thing ... read more
Kravice Waterfalls
The road back down from Citluk

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 10th 2013

10 June Nice day. At Sarajevo. Hostel had dining area and kitchen so able to do breakfast there. Went on a walking tour at 10 with Neno, who was a very enthusiastic guide, it was a free tour, just give a tip at the end! Got a great insight into the history, what an interesting city! Sad stuff happened in the ' 90s of course, learnt lots about that. So different and with such cultural and religious diversity - Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism all co-existing together. There is a mosque, Catholic and Orthodox church and a synagogue all within the small city area. The influence of the Ottoman empire is very evident in the architecture of the city. Had lunch at a small self service place, very interesting food, we joined with a British couple ... read more
Memorial - on the spot people were massacred
Sarajevo markets
Market memorial

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar June 6th 2013

I know it’s wonderful to keep in touch and let you know how I am. I love to do it too. But sometimes, just sometimes, it borders on hard work and not much like a holiday. Typing is typing no matter that it’s project related or personal – it takes time and effort and well, sometimes gets in the way of fun. Or rather, sleep. I’d like to sleep just now but here goes… I’ve made it to Mostar and along the way have had some interesting adventures and seen amazing sights. The bike chugs along. She’s a little petulant (it’s not me it’s her!). She doesn’t always listen to what I tell her and she is never, ever quiet. She makes noises when she ought not to and at times disagrees totally with what I ... read more
What a view! The Prenj mountains (?)
The Acacias are in Full Bloom

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 3rd 2013

Arriving in a capital city is never easy. Roads in generally tend to be freeways. I do try to keep away from them where possible. But, it's not always possible. And so, after what was over 20km of non-stop roadworks and single lane traffic it was almost a relief to see that car only sign. Yay! A little bit of space for me and the cars can do as they please without the feeling of guilt getting in the way. And the beauty of travelling in these countries is they don't care if you're on a bicycle on a road meant only for cars. No honking of horns. Nothing. Just maniacal driving. It wasn't long before the cars only stretch of road changed to accommodate all other modes of transportation - buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxis, pedestrians ... read more
Latinska Cuprija Ottoman Bridge
Heading up the Mountain

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » Central » Trevnik May 30th 2013

The journey has well and truly commenced. I’ve managed to avoid the rain even though it has been raining, I’ve managed to get over a pass, andI’ve managed to get from A to B. Not bad me thinks for four days on the road. I’m inwardly rather pleased with progress and with my bicycle too. Tomorrow I will be in Sarajevo as I really didn’t want to push 98km today - not after a 10.45am start! When I awoke this morning in Travnik, a lovely provincial town which was in its heyday the administrative headquarters for the Ottoman rulers in Bosnia, it was to the sound of rain. No point really in hurrying out of the comfort of the motel. So I took my time, hence the late start. At least it’ll be a ... read more
Bosnian Sheep in the Little Log Church Village
Krupa na Vrbasu
Motel Lav - View from my Room

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » North » Banja Luka May 26th 2013

All safe and well in Banja Luka yes but man it was one helluva ride to get here (but not on a bicycle). That action is still to come. No, I bought my bus ticket as planned although I had wanted to leave on the Wednesday if it was possible. No, no bus on Wednesday. OK Thursday it is which means I can still go to see the Marionette Theatre in Duesseldorf perform Never Ending Story. Yay. I know I'm a big kid at heart. I love puppet shows, children's books and children's toys. My auntie thinks I'm weird. Not sure if she really appreciated being dragged along on Wednesday night to see the performance (actually I know she didn't) but for me it was worth it. It was a wonderful way to cap off what ... read more
Student Artwork - National Museum Banja Luka
Yarn Bombing in Banja Luka

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 13th 2013

We hadn’t intended to stay more than a night in Sarajevo as we had been to the city in 2009 and we thought we had seen all we had wanted to then.However, when we were looking at accommodation between here and our first stop in Montenegro there wasn’t a lot to choose from on the websites and what there was, was too expensive for the BBA V2.So we opted for another night in Sarajevo to break the journey. As it turned out there were other things and places for us to see and do and basically fill the day in. The weather was still grey and overcast this morning but at least there was no rain. We dressed for a daytime high of 10C which at home would have meant thick jerseys and hats if you ... read more
Bullet and shrapnel holes in the plaster walls of the house
Gretchen putting her fears behind her and entering the Tunnel of Life
The short stretch of The Tunnel of Life

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 12th 2013

We had hoped the showery weather from yesterday might have cleared this morning to give us a day of travel in dry conditions but we weren’t in luck. The cloud was still low over the hills and although the heavier rain that had fallen through the night wasn’t happening there was still a light misty drizzle. We paid our hostess for the stay and got into conversation about her time in the local area and were surprised to some degree that the area had seen Serbian occupation during the part of the Balkan War that involved battles between Serbia and Croatia when the latter wanted to cecede, as Slovenia had done, from the old Yugoslavia after the fall of communism. The area around the Plitvice Lakes had been divided between Serbs and Croats generally living in ... read more
Lunch beside the lake.....10C brr!

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