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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 25th 2013

The JAT Airways turboprop from Belgrade to Sarajevo took only forty minutes, even if it did sound like a Lancaster bomber. The first thing we did when we stepped into the arrivals hall of Sarajevo Airport was to change some British pounds into the local currency, the convertible mark. Then we caught a cheap taxi to our hotel. From the taxi, we noticed how hilly Sarajevo was. It was on these hills that snipers hid during the Bosnian War. We also noticed the abundance of mosques. Minarets were everywhere, a distinct difference from the Orthodox Christianity of Serbia. "Look," said Michael, pointing at a dilapidated building we were driving past. It was pockmarked with bullet holes. The driver noticed us looking. "From war," he said. The Siege of Sarajevo lasted for almost four years. It occurred ... read more
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The Balkan Odyssey
Central Square

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 21st 2013

Today was another long day but was well worth it. Here is the day in a nutshell... Got pulled over about 5 miles north of Sarajevo for speeding. Maybe the big red van is a bit noticeable. Anyway, after getting lectured by the female policija in a language I have a tough time understanding and then getting chewed out in the policija car by her partner, he finally asked me where we were going. When I told him Srebrenica, he slammed his ticket book down and told me to slow down. He assumed I was going to Belgrade. After that, we arrived in a small town called Han Pijesak where officer #2 stopped us. This time he said the road ahead was closeD and we could either wait 3 hours or try a detour...of the many ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina July 13th 2013

So, interesting day. Went to catch the tram to the train station and I waited. And waited. And waited some more. 45min and still no #1. There were some other backpackers - the guy walked over to see how long I'd been waiting - we decided to take the next #3 and just run the 4 blocks to the station lololol. We made it though! Train left at 11:17 - we got there at 11:15. Plenty o' time ;) First half of the trip I sat in a full cabin with Bosnians none of which spoke English or French haha. One old man kept trying to speak to me but I'm like uh english? francais? He just went "oooooh" laughed at me lol and kept going in Bosnian... so, I just kept smiling haha. Not much ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 12th 2013

Amazing, amazing day today. The only time I enjoy tours are when they are based in culture/history and/or take you out of the city - the Total Siege Tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours delivered on both accounts. And yes, best name ever for a company. With the best guides, ever. Skender and his Dad. This truly was one of the most informative tours I have ever gone on: Skender knows his stuff and it's not just from a book - he gave us the information, but also told us personal stories from when he was a child during the siege (hiding in the basement, the lunch packets from the UN, craving chocolate lol) and also about his Dad who fought to protect the city. It's something else hearing them describe that chapter of their lives - ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 11th 2013

Very lazy morning - I headed out to Old Town to wander more of the tiny streets. I also found myself in the middle of a flock (?) of pigeons... oh God they are everywhere here, and I just keeping thinking of the Animaniacs and their pigeon skits. (Ah, childhood.) Time for lunch already? Don't mind if I do! I opted for "burek" today - meat pie like things that are served with yogurt and are simply delish. Plateful for about $2... yeah can't go wrong with that!! After lunch I went in search of the other museum I wanted to see... imagine my face when I realized it was only 2 blocks down from the closed one I ventured out to yesterday. Oops..! Haha, ah well, it was a nice walk again. Once I found ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 10th 2013

Lovely day today! Caught an early train from Mostar to Sarajevo - ah, trains. I do quite enjoy them, it's a whole different experience and atmosphere than a bus. Unfortunately, here the trains are still all about old men smoking everywhere haha. Not quite an addition to the atmosphere. The view from the train was spectacular though - well - what I saw of it lol. Between the haze of cigarette smoke and the heat, I slept for most of the journey, waking up whenever the train would pull into a station only to doze right back off. I had been dreading trying to find my hostel here in Sarajevo - in Mostar it was on a main street so easy to decipher on a map. This one is in the Old Town... so on a ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar July 9th 2013

Set off for the bus station at a perky 7am... so happy to be going down stairs without knowing I have to walk up 10 flights at the end of the night. (Oh Dubrovnik, you're on par with San Francisco...) The bounce in my step quickly disappeared as the strap on my bag snapped clear in half haha. I was like DEAR GOD NO. At least it was the one that I can hug (my duffle), so I did that the rest of the day. I think I'll have to buy a small suitcase in Sarajevo. Oh well. Bus ride to Mostar was beautiful - first hour or so was along the coast - you can never go wrong with that! Seeing all the small coastal villages and the islands down below. Wonderful. The drive through ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina July 2nd 2013

Tues 2nd July 2013 Left Visegrad after breakfast and had the SatNav set for Sofia in Bulgaria. Drove nearly all day. The G wagon had to stopped and cooled several times. The pre-fuel filter was changed in the morning. Border crossing from Bosnia to Serbia was smooth and I managed to change all my Bosnian money into Serbian Dinara otherwise the money would be just waste paper to me. By 6 pm, a miracle happened, I found a campsite just outside Bulgaria. Checked in quickly and ate something from the Turkish restaurant nearby. Tomorrow, I will be pushing for Bulgaria.... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina July 1st 2013

Mon 1st July 2013 Mostar to Sarajevo Left camp 'Mali Wimbledon' at 11 am. Internet access was intermittent and was next to useless. Had lunch at the nearby restaurant and took a picture with the owner and then set off to Sarajevo somewhere north east. We climbed for metres and metres until the car almost packed up because of overheating. Must have stopped several times to climb 1500 metres. Sarajevo is about 800 metres up in Bosnia. I suspect it is the capital because it was so heavily populated compared to other places I have visited in Bosnia. It was so busy in the city and there was a demonstration in the town centre, the traffic was clogged up and I sat in traffic for ages before finally managed to escape the city. From Sarajevo it ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina June 30th 2013

Sun 30th June 2013 Day 28 - Hvar in Croatia to Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina Found this interesting vehicle next to my camp. It was a big Mercedes truck converted into a expedition vehicle. What a monster, it was a 'go anywhere car'. I had a closer look and it also used the same Koni shock absorbers as my little G wagon. I laughed and thought to myself 'When my car grows up one day, it would look like that big monster truck. Time to move on and this time I was heading for the nearest ferry port to get off the island of Hvar. Half an hour later, I reached the ferry port and bought a ticket to sail to Split on the mainland. The ferry sailed at around 11.30 and arrived in the port ... read more

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