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May 24th 2008
Published: May 25th 2008
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We just returned from a week in Medjugorje. That is one very special place. Kate found a tour group from the U.S. who said that we could join them in Frankfurt. For a very reasonable price, we got a round trip flight to Split, Croatia, a three hour bus ride to Medjugorje in Bosnia & Herzegovina, a nice room and breakfast and dinner each day. The group was led by Steve Shawl of www.medjugorje.or... Read Full Entry

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Water in the shape of tearsWater in the shape of tears
Water in the shape of tears

For a number of years now, water in the shape of tears drips from the knee of the statute. Since half of the stute is filled with concrete and that the water has been analyzed in Germany to be of the same composition as tears makes one wonder. What is this water and why does it drip from this point on the statute. I've attempted to point out the tear drops.
Religious ShopReligious Shop
Religious Shop

This shop had a complete selection of rosaries of every size, shape, and material.
Heading back to ourr roomsHeading back to ourr rooms
Heading back to ourr rooms

It was a good 25 to 30 min. walk from the place we were staying to the church of St. James
Beginning of the walk Beginning of the walk
Beginning of the walk

It was a good 30 min. walk from the church to the pilgrim house where we were staying. Most of it was along this dirt path. See the building way in the background, that's where we are heading.
If you don't want a rosary, how about  some cigarettes?If you don't want a rosary, how about  some cigarettes?
If you don't want a rosary, how about some cigarettes?

Most of the religous shops along the walking route sold more than religious items. There cool drinks really were great after the long walk in the hot sun.
Venders along the pathVenders along the path
Venders along the path

Sr. Martha, a member of our group cecking out some of the items for sale.
A View of Apparition HillA View of Apparition Hill
A View of Apparition Hill

Walking along the path to our pilgrim house we pass Apparition Hill, the site of the Blessed Virgin's first apparition on June 24, 1981. Note the path, if you can call it that, leading up the hill.
Our Pilgrim HouseOur Pilgrim House
Our Pilgrim House

As seen from Apparition Hill
Church MartyrsChurch Martyrs
Church Martyrs

We took a side trip and stopped at this one church where, I believe in the 40s the communist took all 30 of the Francisan friars and excuted them one by one. On the left is a their blood soaked in the wood where they were executed
Bosnia CountrysideBosnia Countryside
Bosnia Countryside

Such a beautiful country that less than 10 years ago was a dangerous war zone.
Getting Ready to Leave Getting Ready to Leave
Getting Ready to Leave

It was a great trip and we look forward to someday returning!

10th March 2011
Street Scene

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May God have Mercy on us all heal the World of pain loveless and endless misunderstandings forgive our sins Lord Jesus Save us from the fires of hell Praise to the Holy Trinity,Mother Mary Interceed for us to your SON our Lord Jesus Bless every Priest Sisters & every soul AMEN

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