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February 9th 2016
Published: February 18th 2016
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There's a rule between me and my friends from Mostar: What happens in Mostar, stays in Mostar!

But I'll share something anyway 😊

So, it's Tuesday morning, I was picked at the bus station and delivered to an apartment of my friends (Mirko and Almira) where I will stay. At that point I didn't have a clue how long for.

It was 7.01am when Mirko as a great host poured us one home-made rakija (Breakfast of champions). Then we decided, it's really time to have some real food as I didn't have anything but bread and some salami since Monday morning. So we went to a local place for breakfast. And what can be better for breakfast than half of the chicken with potatoes and shredded cabbage? And I tell you, it was delicious. Mostly because they prepare it old style, using Sač (!C(MISSING)4%!D(MISSING)).

After breakfast, we returned home and spent most of the day chatting. Our friend Goran joined us later that evening. We bought some beers and ordered pizza. It was day of hardcore laughing.

On Wednesday, we woke up late (I was desperate for a good night sleep). Mirko prepared delicious chicken legs with boiled potatoes for lunch and once again we spent day with catching up with what has happened since last time we've been together.

On Thursday, after breakfast, we got ready for outdoor BBQ. We took Blondie (friend's Stafford), bought what we needed and headed out of the city. The place was amazing, near river Neretva, with big meadow where Blondie could run as much as she wanted. Shortly after we arrived another friend (Igor with his Stafford) joined us. Mirko with Igor made a fire (these guys have some serious issue with pyromania). Anyhow, no one got hurt and we had great sausages with vegetables to feast on. We spent almost six hours there. Once back home we had more food prepared on electric grill with fresh vegetables salad with cheese and I don't know what else. Goran visited us for a little while and we agreed that next evening we'll all play board game Risk.

Whole day Friday was kind of preparation for a game of Risk in the evening. First, I was convinced by Mirko, I needed a haircut and shave too so he took me to a barber (seemingly it's very important people look presentable when playing Risk, so I had to obey). If you are in situation when barber doesn't understand English, you just leave your soul in his hands and watch what's happening. It worked out well in my case. After haircut, I got shaved with old style razor. It's kinda weird feeling when someone you don't know is playing with a razor so close to your veins. But I survived shaving, too. Then we visited supermarket, bought food and drinks and headed back home. I was responsible to prepare vegetable salad for the evening while Mirko went to a gym. Blondie was helping me (mostly with making pieces of vegetables disappearing in her mouth). We made a good cooking couple. Mirko returned together with Almira around 5pm with some delicious kebabs. Those kinds, when you need to be a master not to get dirty like a pig whilst eating that beast. We're not masters so you can imagine how it went. But we didn't care either. Before the game, we had a Skype call with our friend from States. During the call, Goran arrived so he joined in. It was amazing time as it felt like all five of us were back together. Then the game started and it was best game I played for a long time. You know that feeling when you laugh so hard you can't breath and can't feel your abs. That was it. During the game Mirko fired off the engine of the grill and grilled prodigious amounts of food. Bacon, sausages, chicken breasts and mushrooms with cheese and bread and salad. Enough food for a little army. The game finished with Almira to be a winner. It was pretty late so we decided we won't play another game that night but will play it next day. That's how we ended that night. All happy.

Saturday morning, we had coffee and decided to go and eat where Mirko and I ate the day I arrived. And once again half of a chicken with potatoes is the best deal there. After lunch we returned to an apartment and chilled a bit. Goran called he won't participate in that night's game but we got Igor coming so it was all good as we were four players. That night we played two games with two different winners, Igor and Almira. And it was once again a splendid game with full of food served as we played. We were trying to make some plans for Sunday. Igor mentioned he plays in a play in local theatre so we could go and see the play. Mirko and Almira had some duties to attend to on Sunday but I agreed that I'll show up. We said good night to each other and went to slumber. At that point I didn't realize there's last day in Mostar in front of me.

We skipped breakfast on Sunday morning. We were still digesting food from two days ago. Mirko dropped me at the theatre before 11am. It was a puppet theatre in their language but I didn't really care, I just wanted to see how my friend will perform. And it was really great, I even got a plot. It was a story of a guy who sold his soul to a devil and Igor was a main character in that play. After performance I spent couple (two) of hours in old town and also had a lunch near the Old Bridge. Cevapi with onions was a pick of the day. One can never get enough of that food. I returned back to an apartment after lunch and started to put my belongings together as I was leaving Mostar at 7am next day. Once I did that I sat on the sofa, with Blondie sleeping next to me, and started to chat with Almira, whilst Mirko was preparing another food. At one moment I felt some movement behind me and I thought Blondie is kicking me in her sleep. But when I turned my head I saw whole sofa moving. Yes, it was an earthquake. I experienced earthquake for the first time in my life and to be honest I was more excited than scared. It was short but pretty intense. Almira quickly checked on a website where it was. It was 70km from where we were, magnitude of 4.6 and depth of 10km. And cause they live on 10th floor the experience was even more significant. A bit of excitement during very lazy Sunday. We had food served right after earthquake and started to watch movies until we went to bed.

I got my alarm set up for 5.57am but woke up at 6.23am. No clue why my alarm didn't go off. Anyway, we had a tea, I packed last things, said good bye to Almira and got into a car to bus station. We came a minute before 7am. I said good bye to Mirko and climbed into a bus. Literally, I sat down and we departed.

I had amazing time with my friends but it was time for me to get back to Montenegro to continue down south.

My next stop is Kotor. I'll get in touch from there.

Take care 😉

Slovenksa verzia:

Vzdy ked som v Mostare, plati medzi mnou a mojimi kamaratmi pravidlo: Co sa stane v Mostare, ostava v Mostare.

Ale ja sa aj tak s vami podelim 😊

Takze bol stvrtok rano, Mirko ma vyzdvihol na stanici a spolu sme isli k nim domov. V tom case som ani netusil ako dlho sa vlastne zdrzim.

Bolo 7:01 rano, ked Mirko, ako spravny hostitel, ulial po jednej rakiji (ranajky sampionov). Potom sme sa vsak zhodli na tom, ze je naozaj cas na nejake normalne jedlo, kedze od pondelka rana som mal iba chlieb a par platkov salamy. Tak sme sa vybrali do miestnej restauracie na ranajky. A co moze byt na ranajky lepsie, ako pol kurata so zemiakmi a cerstva sekana kapusta? A musim vam povedat, bolo to uzasne. Hlavne preto, ze to pripravuju tradicnym sposobom s pouzitim nadoby, ktora sa vola Sač (

Po ranajkach sme sa vratili spat do bytu a kecali az do vecera, kedy sa k nam pridal kamarat Goran. Kupili sa nejake piva a objednala sa pizza. Atmosfera bola uplne fantasticka, cely cas sme sa neskutocne smiali.

V sterdu sme si pospali trosku dlhsie. Mirko pripravil obed. Kuracie stehna s varenymi zemiakmi a zeleninovy salat. Vacsinu dna sme prerozpravali o tom, co sme zazili odkedy sme boli naposledy spolu.

Vo stvrtok sme mali naplanovane BBQ a tak sme po ranajkach vzali Blondie (Mirkov Stafford) a vsetko potrebne na BBQ a vyrazili sme mimo mesta. Miesto, kam sme dosli, bolo nadherne. Hned vedla rieky Neretva s rozlahlou lukou, kde sa mohla Blondie do sytosti vybehat. Kratko po nas dorazil dalsi kamarat Igor so svojim Staffordom. Mirko s Igorom zalozili ohen (tito pani maju zjavne vazny problem s pyromaniou). Nic to, nikto nebol zraneny a vsetci sme si vychutnali vyborne klobasky so zeleninou. Stravili sme tam skoro sest hodin. Ked sme sa vratili domov mali sme viac jedla, tentokrat pripraveneho na elektrickom grile s cerstvym zeleninovym salatom, syrom a hocico ine.. Na chvilku nas prisiel pozriet Goran a vtedy sme sa dohodli, ze v piatok vecer si zahrame spolocensku hru Riziko.

Cely piatok sa niesol v znameni priprav na vecernu hru. V prvom rade ma Mirko prehovoril, ze potrebujem ostrihat a oholit (ludia zjavne potrbuju vyzerat reprezentativne, ked chcu hrat Riziko, a tak som sa musel podriadit). Navstivili sme holica a bolo to celkom zaujimave. Holic nerozpraval po anglicky, a tak bolo marne vysvetlovat mu, ako by som si prial byt ostrihany. V takom pripade sa len dobrovolne odovzdate a sledujete, co sa bude diat. Nakoniec to dopadlo celkom dobre. Po strihani prislo na rad holenie. Je to zvlastny pocit, ked vam clovek, ktoreho vobec nepoznate, sermuje s britvou kolo krku. Ale aj to som prezil bez ujmy na zdravi. Hned nato sme sa vybrali do obchodu nakupit jedlo a pitie a vratili sme sa domov. Ja som bol zodpovedny za pripravu zeleninoveho salatu, kym Mirko odisiel do posilnovne. Blondie mi pomahala tym, ze konzumovala kusky zeleniny, ktore by som inac vyhodil do smetia. Boli sme super dvojka. Mirko sa vratil spolocne s Almirou a mali zo sebou tri porcie kebabu. Porcie boli typu, ze zjest ich, bez toho, aby ste boli spinavi ako prasa, vyzadovalo majstrovske zrucnosti. Ani jeden z nas takouto zrucnostou nedisponuje, a tak si viete predstavit ako to dopadlo. Ale vobec nam to nevadilo. Pred samotnou hrou, sme este absolvovali Skype hovor s kamoskou zo Statov. Pocas hovoru dorazil Goran a bol to skvely pocit, kedze vdaka Skype sme mohli byt vsetci piati opat spolu tak ako v lete minuleho roku. Po hovore sme zacali hrat a mozem povedat, ze uz dlho som sa pri hre tak dobre nezabavil. Poznate ten pocit, ked sa od smiechu ani nemozte nadychnut a brusne svaly vas boli ako slak a vy sa aj tak nedokazete prestat smiat. Pocas hry Mirko ugriloval neuveritelne mnozstvo jedla. Slaninu, klobasy, hriby a ktomu sme mali syr, chlieb a salat z cerstvej zeleniny. Dost jedla pre taku mensiu armadu. Hru pravom vyhrala Almira. Ked sme skoncili bolo uz neskoro zacat novu hru a tak sme sa dohodli, ze budem pokracovat na druhy den vecer. A tak sa to aj skoncilo. Vsetci sme sa s dobrym pocitom pobrali do perin.

V sobotu rano sme si dali kavu a rozhodli sa navstivit restauraciu, kde sme s Mirkom jedli v moj prvy den v Mostare. A opat to vyhrala polovica kurata so zemiakmi. Po obede sme sa vratili domov a chvilu sme oddychovali. Medzicasom volal Goran, ze sa vecer nedostavi ale my sme si nasli nahradu. Igor suhlasil, ze vecer pride na particku Rizika. V ten vecer sme stihli odohrat dve hry. Jednu vyhral Igor a jednu vyhrala Almira. A opat to bol uzasny vecer plny jedla a smiechu. Po hre sme zacali vymyslat plan na nedelu. Vtedy Igor spomenul, ze ma v nedelu doobeda predstavenie v babkovom divadle, kedze je herec, a pozval nas vsetkyvh na predstavenie. Mirko s Almirou odmietli ale ja som suhlasil. Potom sme sa rozlucili a isli sme spat. Vtedy som si este neuvedomoval, ze nedela je moj posledny den v Mostare.

V nedelu rano sme vynechali ranajky, kedze sme este stale travil jedlo spred dvoch dni. Mirko ma zaviezol do divadla pred jedenastou doobeda. Ako som spominal, bolo to babkove divadlo ale s tym rozdielom, ze babky boli velke a herci s nimi vystupovali pred publikom, takze som mohol vydiet ako si Igor pocina. Hral dokonca hlavnu postavu v celej hre. Predstavenie bolo v ich jazyku ale mne to nevadilo, kedze co to rozumiem, pochytil som pointu celeho pribeho. Islo o pribeh chlapca, ktory zapredal dusu diablovi. Bolo to velmi dobre predstavenie a som rad, ze som suhlasil s ucastou. Po hre som sa vybral na prechadzku starym mestom. Dal som si obed pri Starom Moste, samozrejme to bolo Cevapi s cibulkou. Clovek nikdy nema dost tejto miestej delikatesy. Neskor som sa vratil spat domov a zacal som sa pomaly balit, kedze som mal o siedmej rano opustit Mostar. Ked som bol ako tak zbaleny, sadol som si na gauc a zacal rozpravat s Almirou, pokial Mirko pripravoval cosi pod zub. Blondie spokojne spala vedla mna. V jednom momente som za mnou citil pohyb a myslel som si, ze ma kope Blondie v spanku, ale ked som sa otocil videl som ako sa hybe cely gauc. Ano, bolo to zemetrasenie. Take nieco som vtedy zazil prvykrat v zivote, a pravdu povediac, bol som viac vzruseny ako vylakany. Trvalo to kratko ale bolo to celkom intenzivne. Ked zemetrasenie prestalo, Almira okamzite nasla fakty na internete. Epicentrum bolo 70km vzdialene od Mostaru, v hlbke 10km a o sile 4.6 stupnov. A kedze sa ich byt nachadza na desiatom poschodi, vykyvy boli o to intenzivnejsie. Kusok vzrusenia pocas inak lenivej nedele. O malu chvilku sa servirovalo jedlo a potom sme uz len oddychovali a sledovali filmy az pokial sme nesli spat.

Budik som mal nastaveny na 5:57 rano ale zobudil som sa az o 6:23. Nemam ani tusenie, preco budik nezvonil, ale teraz je to uz jedno. Dali sme si s Mirkom caj, rozlucil som sa s Almiroua a sadol do auta smer autobusova stanica. Dorazili sme minutu pred siedmou. Rozlucil som sa s Mirkom a hned ako som si sadol, autobus vyrazil.

Stravil som uzasnych sest dni s priatelmi ale bolo nacase vratit sa do Ciernej Hory a pokracovat dalej smerom na juh.

Mojou dalsou zastavkou je Kotor, odkial sa opat ozvem.

Drzte sa.


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