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July 26th 2011
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I have a confession to make... I have lost faith for a moment. After all, even the stars are going to die. I know your pain is real. I see it through your eyes every time there is a storm. Will the thunder always have this effect on you? It's a vicious circle when you pass by all those broken dreams each day. I see it myself, the city is just plain ruins. You are right when you say it will always need more than a bridge and two shopping streets to grow flowers. We could spend our life in the mosques and pray to all gods, shadows of the past will not die. Plastic flowers never fade. It will be great to see the kids smile at something else that a dive from the old bridge.

Season comes and goes on Sarajevo and Mostar. The world changes. Japan is in need and only two years ago they donated all those buses to help. People come and go and the ones who drinks from the fountain will be back. The bloody past will only seem distant in some times. You will have to be even tougher and take what you have and make the best of it. Forget that you were on top of the world some time ago. Forget that it is so easy to slip when you are so high. Forget how low you end up. Forget the thunder, your flower needs water to stay alive. Take it one step at a time and make your way up.

I am sick of the war...there is so much better that revenge. You ain't better to seek such things.


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