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Europe » Belgium » Luxembourg » Bastogne May 13th 2015

This morning I drove south from the Waterloo area into the heart of the Ardennes region of Belgium. My goal here was to visit Bastogne, the town where the American army, led by the 101st Airborne Division, held out against the last major German offensive in the West - what has come to be called The Battle of the Bulge. There is a restored Sherman tank on the main square in front of the tourist information office (see picture) and a lot of the town's economy is based on Bulge tourism. I visited the new and well-done Bastogne War Museum which recounts the entire history of WWII with a Belgian slant and with a large section devoted to the Bulge (see picture). Next to it is the American Memorial which is impressive for its large size ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region May 13th 2015

We took the Euro tunnel in to Calais and drove for two hours to Bruge. My first day in Belgium I went on a water slide and I was scared. I cried because it was too high but my sister who is 2 went on the slide so I was brave and decided to go on the slide. In Bruges I went to a chocolate museum called Choco Story. When I walked in the doors I was given a chocolate it tasted like chocolate mouse. Next I saw a giant Easter egg and it was made of real chocolate. I went up the stairs and saw chocolate statues how chocolate is made and a real stuffed monkey in a jar!! We walked into the square where the Bell Tower is and we had lunch. It was ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Walloon Brabant » Waterloo May 12th 2015

This morning I took a walk around the old city centre of Lille. I stopped at a bakery for a breakfast of hot chocolate and croissant. Later, I got myself a cafe-au-lait. I was feeling very French! Lille has a pretty downtown and I particularly liked the square in front of the opera (see picture). I checked out of the hotel and, on my way out of town, I stopped in at La Piscine, an art museum that is housed in an old swimming facility. I guess they figure that if Paris can put an art museum in an old train station, then Lille can put one in an old swimming pool. I was pleasantly surprised by the art work there and the watery environment added to the uniqueness of it all (see picture). From ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels April 27th 2015

27 April 2015 Monday. So my last blog left off with me finishing writing my blogs for my Balkan trip while waiting for my 7:35 pm flight to Helsinki...yes, that Helsinki which seems to be my curse. You will recall that the last time I finished writing my blogs about my Silk Road Trip, , I ended up having a cancelled flight. So this time I didn't write anything in the last blog concerning the future travels home. Well, my flight to Helsinki went fine. I checked into the Hilton Airport Hotel, just across the street from the terminal, which would give me about 6 hours sleep before catching a 7:30 am flight to Brussels. 28 April 2015 Tuesday. And my flight to Brussels went off without a hitch. Last June when I booked my flights ... read more
Town Hall, Grand Place, Brussels
Grand Place, Brussels
Mannequin Pis

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp April 26th 2015

Day 12 - April 26 Antwerp, Belgium Was still not feeling well this a.m. So Jim went and got me a pot of chamomile tea with honey and a croissant. It tasted wonderful but I wasn't up to going on the walking tour of Antwerp (pronounced in Belgium as Antwerpen). I sent Jim with Bill, Jane and the group from the ship. Then I went back to bed since I was up most of the night. I woke at 10am and finally felt better. Enjoyed some of the tea and decided to take a shower. By the time they returned from the walking tour I was much better. I ate a very light lunch and then the 4 of us walked back in to town Since this is Sunday, most stores were closed during the cruise ... read more

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent April 25th 2015

Day 11 - April 25 Ghent and Brugge Belgium Today we chose to go to the town of Brugge for the entire day. It was about an hour coach ride from Ghent where the ship was docked and our guide for the day, Max, used some of that time to share with us the history of Belgium. Brugge is known as the Venice of the north with so many canals as well as chocolate. There are 170 chocolate stores in the city alone! It was slightly drizzling when we arrived but by the time we all assembled ready for the walk and tour of the city it had stopped. It was a 30 minute stroll through town and we finally arrived at the area where we would board canal cruise boats for a tour of the ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Namur Province » Dinant April 6th 2015

Pasen doorgebracht in Pont-à-Lesse. Een klein rotsmassiefje gelegen in de achtertuin van de Best Western van Dinant. De hoogtepunten waren de twee routes op Castel 1, twee cracklijntjes rechts gelegen. Een brede crack met ellebogen en knieën.... Mmm echt mijne meug! De andere met zeer kleine barstjes waar mijn eerste vingerkootje nipt in paste. Als het maar crack is!!!! Wel vond ik de klimmethoden van de nieuwere klimmers raadselachtig. Wij zijn in één dag drie schroefmusketons gaan teruggeven. Achter gelaten blinkend klimgerief! Rare snuiters op de rotswanden van tegenwoordig of word ik gewoon ouder? Ons tweedaags tripje naar de Belgische Ardennen had goed gedaan. Zeker dat Aprilse zonnetje was goddelijk, de buizerds schreeuwend in de lucht. Zalig!... read more

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp March 26th 2015

Lost and found... Een goede omschrijving voor deze winter. Het is lang geleden dat jullie iets van ons hebben gehoord. Door de goede hulp van verschillende mensen zit ik terug op goede weg. Nogmaals merci! Toch hebben we niet stil gezeten.... Ons grote winterproject omvatte een leuke creatieve uitdaging! Vooral Erik heeft er hard aan gewerkt. Vanaf heden rijden we dus met een nieuwe eigen ingericht 'Limbabwe' busje rond. We zijn er beiden apentrots op. Samen staan wij sterk en creëren er op los. Af en toe met wat gevloek, maar dat hoort erbij. De plannen voor het komende jaar laten we nog mysterieus wezen, maar ze staan te trappelen, juist zoals wij. Here we come....... read more
Erik en zijn moeder!

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels March 23rd 2015

Hi Everyone! This weekend was in Brussels, but with a Cuban themed hotel room. It was odd, but very nice. Instead of flying out, I jumped on a train this time. I even splurged the extra 7 euros to go first class (totally worth it). I was running solo this time as well, so there's a lot more photos this time. For the military buffs who read, this most of the photos are from the Royal Museum of Military History. If my Dad went in there, we'd probably never find him again... I'd highly recommend Belgium for people on short trips. With a good guide, you can see most of the city in a single day. That's about it. Cheers, Joel P.S. I'm switching my routine to start earlier in the day, so there'll be less ... read more
1960s Plastic Furniture Museum-3
1960s Plastic Furniture Museum-4
1960s Plastic Furniture Museum-5

Europe » Belgium March 6th 2015

Bruxelles, le 06/04/15 Jour 7 Me voila arrivé chez nos voisins Belges, apres une petites (mais sans consequences) mésaventures le 1er jours! j'y ai passé 1ere nuit a Gent, jolie ville de Flandre, avant de me diriger vers Brugge. je suis donc resté 2 jours dans une auberge tres sympa dans cette romantique ville! Et que des belles rencontres j'y ai fait! Me voila maintenant depuis 2 jours a Bruxelles de retour en Wallonie. un petit tour un musee Magritte, qui vaut le coup d'oeil, et au centre de la BD. J'ai meme reussis a sympathiser avec le barman du fameux delirium cafe et avoir droit a une seance de degustation (de bieres belges, entendu). Demain je repars sur la route pour Brême, grosse étape en stop. et un remerciement a mes super hotes a Bruxelles, ... read more

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