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Europe » Belgium September 23rd 2019

Well we have only gonna managed it!! House sold, moved into No32 (our new home from home, Harvey our Hymer) and do you know what we are knackered! First priority when we get over the channel is to find a resting stop and recharge!! Bray Dunes just does that, in summer a humming seaside resort but right now a rather quiet stretch of beach which runs some 7 miles into Ostend, and which Poppy and we can walk to our heart contents, oh and don’t forget the Moule Frit. Zonnebeke our next stop for two nights at the Memorial Museum Passchendale 1917 is set in the grounds of Zonnebeke Chateau. I have always, as Graeme thought that the First World War had no impact on my or Graeme’s family but you can see early on why ... read more
Tyne Cot Cemetry
Jardins d'Annevoie
Tyne Cot Cemetry

Europe » Belgium » Hainaut September 23rd 2019

Ce matin, ce sera vraiment le dernier jour... Une très belle soirée passée en cie d'amis dans le Hainaut... toujours contents de les revoir, j'en profite pour passer mon anniversaire chez eux. Nous devions visiter Pairi Daiza le 13... mais voilà, la météo n'est pas clémente... Nous nous promenons donc autour du Lac de l'Eau d'Heure mais rien de terrible à voir... C'est ainsi que nous arriverons en fin d'après midi à Mévergnies, chez un autre ami qui lui occupe une maison assez spéciale mais magnifique... Voyez photos... Nous ne logerons pas chez lui mais bien dans Pollux tout à côté et le lendemain, nous programmons notre journée à Pairi Daiza vu que le soleil est bien présent !!! Je dirais même trop présent... Ma vue a pris une bougie de plus aussi... et de là ... read more
chouette la chouette
cache cache

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent September 21st 2019

Went to transfer some photos onto my iPad and realised that I left the SD reader in my camera bag in Luxembourg. Can’t blame the blog site this time; it’s my fault. I’ll keep this brief - something I don’t seem to grasp - and head out to take a few with my phone. The pictures tell the Gent, or Ghent story, but I’ll give it a go. I’ve been to Bruges before, but as it is becoming so popular that the local government wants to control the amount of buses that visit on day trips, we decided Ghent was closer and a good alternative. We left Luxembourg at 9am and the road to Ghent is a pretty boring highway, with little to see except the tops of small villages, wind turbines, and forests that look ... read more
The Next Door Garden
Old Ghent Fish Market.
The Gravensteins, The 11th Century Castle

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp September 20th 2019

We departed Leuven for the city of Antwerp (Antwerpen in Flemish or Anvers in French). Situated near the Dutch border, Antwerp is known for diamonds. We had booked in for a free walking tour the next day, so after checking in we walked downtown towards the Grote Markt to acquaint ourselves with the area and also have something to eat and drink! Belgium is famous for their beers, which is what the world outside Belgium would call craft beers. Belgium has over 200 active breweries and several different categories of beer such as red Flemish ales, lambic (sour), wit (white), ambers and trappist to name a few! After some lunch and beers we wandered around town and then I went for a quick bout of shopping before dinner. We saw a Greek restaurant on our walk ... read more
Grote Markt
Greek dinner!
St Anna's pedestrian tunnel

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant September 20th 2019 read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region September 18th 2019

Travelling on a train going 120 mph plus does not take us long to travel from Edinburgh to London, where we change trains, and go on to Brussels, BELGIUM. Once again, a lovely young lady sits next to me, and the three of us talk non-stop all the way to Brussels. This train is travelling at 300kph. Feels like I am on a bullet. Once at the station, you have to pay to use the washroom. Brussels once spoke Dutch until the late 19th century, and then shifted to French to become officially bilingual with 90% of the population speaking French. In 2005, 25% of the population is of Muslim backgrounds, mostly from Morocco and Turkey. Brussels is also hailed as the comic strip capital. The home of the Smurf’s, and Tin Tin. Tops for cuisine ... read more
Brussels has opulent buildings....but apparently not for all!

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant » Leuven September 17th 2019

We left our French troubles behind and took to train north to Belgium via Lille, a town on the French-Belgian border. I had found a French ‘budget airline' of trains called Ouigo – the tickets are significantly cheaper and its €5 extra for luggage. Quite a good concept actually, it’s still a high-speed train but with no on-board bar. The next train we caught from Lille to Brussels was the Eurostar that had come from London. Once in Brussels, we took a local train to the nearby town of Leuven. Leuven is a very pretty town – a university town – on the Flemish/French language border (we learnt that from our Intrepid friend who is from Leuven). Our first day there we just walked around town to orientate ourselves and had dinner in the main square. ... read more
City hall
City hall
City hall

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 9th 2019

This morning I had some free time in Brussels so I followed Rick Steves’s walk around the Grand Place. The buildings are indeed “grand” but my full appreciation of the square was diminished by the work crews noisily removing tents and paraphernalia from a beer festival over the weekend. I had a little extra time, so I walked to the Belgian Comic Strip Center because it is one of the sights to see in Brussels. Belgium is responsible for Tintin and for the Smurfs and there are many other comics done here, too, apparently. Next I made my way to the Brussels airport and ate lunch while waiting for my flight to board. I had a piece of (square) pizza and my first glass of Belgian beer since I arrived in the country. Better late than ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region September 8th 2019

We always knew it would be a long day travelling - starting at 11.15 from Vienna and arriving at 21.37 in Brussels 😱. There’s not much to say really - nice countryside, comfy trains, changed in Frankfurt - bit of a surprise there though, and I suppose it had to happen - ENGINEERING WORKS! Yes indeed, the train through to Belgium was diverted, so instead of arriving in Brussels in time for a couple of beers and walk in town, we were now destined to arrive in Brussels at 23.03 😩😩😩😩😩 and even then it was late! Ah well, thank goodness it was at the end of the trip rather than the beginning, and that we still had a hotel, with a bar, to sleep in. A beer and box of fried chicken and chips later ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 8th 2019

Today was a pleasant, cool day in Brussels. I started the day with a walk around the “upper town“ including a stop at a little jewel of a church called Notre Dame du Petit Sablon. Then I dived into the Belgium fine arts museums. These include lots of paintings and my favorites were by Jan Bruegel and Jacques-Louis David. Later in the day I passed by one of Brussels’s most famous sites, namely the Manneken Pis. I have read that the best part about this little statue is watching the reactions of the people who come to see it and I agree with that. I took a picture of people taking pictures and then a closer view so you can see him better. Tomorrow I will tour Brussels a little more before flying off to my ... read more

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