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June 20th 2014
Published: June 20th 2014
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This was an amazing and informational trip this morning. Not to hard to get to luckily either. The cemetary had all kinds of information and I worked with them at the desk a little bit collecting information about great uncle James Becvar. It was funny because in Belgium, they speak French and German (French in the section I was) so I had to communicate in mostly German, but at the cemetary they had an American working it. He sent me home with some stuff as well. He was even nice enough to tell me that James died in the battle of Huertgen forest, a 3 month campain! He sent me with more information and I was excited to find out you can have them put a wreath out for him whenever you would like. It turns out you can also request more information on soldiers as well and he provided me with a long list of people to contact.

I put three yellow roses on his grave; one for grandma, one for dad, and one for his parents. The cemetary is very well kept and breath taking. Henri-Chapelle is the highest evelated area in that part of Belguim, you can see beautiful country pastures and fields rolling across the landscape. I look forward to sharing more of this information upon my return!

Something cool the cemetary had put together was a self tour, some of which included a grave from one of the soldiers from Band of Brothers and there are 38 brothers buried there, more than any other cemetary in Europe. The also had some 130+ soldiers that were MIA on pillars, if found they had a star next to them.

Additional photos below
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roses everywhere!roses everywhere!
roses everywhere!

brick wall boarded cemetary and roses and flowers were bording as well, had a ton at the entrace

James grave is in first half about middle here, the section he was in was 60 graves wide and he was 24
he was row 8he was row 8
he was row 8

the only labled odd numbered rows, used little white block in ground
close upclose up
close up

3 yellow roses, they are grandmas favourite

21st June 2014
on back bottom is this number, not sure what is means

Numbers on Back of Tombstone
Todd, this was his army ID, also known as his dog tags, I believe. They match the ones I have from my records.
22nd June 2014

This is soo neat. I'm so glad that you were able to make it there! I'm sure the experience was beyond what you could have imagined.
24th June 2014

Todd- I finally have had a chance to look at your pictures from Uncle James grave, and I have to say they made me cry. Grandma would have been so proud one of the members in our family made it over to visit and the yellow roses were beautiful. I love you and be safe!

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