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April 22nd 2007
Published: September 30th 2017
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Geo: 50.8371, 4.36761Breakfast on the plane was a crappy, stale croissant, a fruit cup, yogurt, and a pack of raisins. Blah. Though breakfast wasn't, the landing was beautiful - I couldn't feel a thing. I can only remember one landing similar to that. Heathrow airport - I'd forgotten how big it was! I seemingly walked forever to get to the other terminal. It really sucked at the a... Read Full Entry

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Galeries Royales St. Hubert - a covered pedestrian arcade. Similar to others I've seen in Milan, Paris, and Naples. Notice how it veers off to the right at the end of the corridor - designers intended that to subconsciously draw people into the rest of the gallery.

An old friend - the Rick Steves guidebooks are the best, in my opinion. Unfortunately they aren't the best for backpackers because they lack in hostel recommendations and don't cover many off-the-beaten-path destinations. Other than that, the recommendations are top-notch and they give you a really good idea of what there is to see/do, and how much time you need to spend in a place.

A Pfizer symposium was taking place - perhaps they were discussing their new product intended solely for the Belgian market, chocolate-covered Viagra.

Looks like a combination of Pinocchio, Michael Jackson, and Pee Wee Herman. Scary.

This must be the Brussels equivalent of Jessica Rabbit (from "Who Shot Roger Rabbit?").

250 different Belgian beers can be purchased at this store. Sounds like a lot? Not really, when you consider there are several thousand types of beer brewed in Belgium.

Streets in this area were named after the types of goods you could buy here when it used to be a big market. I guess you used to be able to buy butter here. I looked and I looked, but couldn't find "Rue au Spanish Hotties". It was the lowpoint of the trip :(

Le Grand Place, packed with people. A very typical European square with a great atmosphere.

These were fake versions, but showed all the different types of waffles you could get.

Heinrich - the most popular guy in the room. That tends to happen when you carry 2 bottles of wine in your suitcase!

Starting from the girl on top, going clockwise: Barbara then Marta, two Polish girls studying/living in Ireland and working in pubs. Barbara is studying Psychology and Marta is studying Journalism. Barbara had a really cute Irish/Polish accent, and was especially cute when she was embarrassed from us making fun of her for picking up an Irish accent. Marta also had a cute accent, and was just plain ... well, cute. Funny that they both had cute accents ... Magda, the Polish stunner working at a hostel in Krakow had a brutal accent when she spoke English. Finally, some travel agent from Budapest whose name I've forgotten. Hmmm ... think it's true what they say about guys having selective memories? But I do remember this - at the moment of the picture, he was the luckiest guy in the room!

Iker and Barbara. Iker's from the Basque region in Spain. His name doesn't sound Spanish, does it? It's cause it's a traditional Basque name. I embarrassed myself when I asked him about ETA, the terrorist organization struggling for independence from Spain. I spelled it out E-T-A, forgetting that it's actually pronounced as a word (ett-ah). Almost as embarrassing as someone mispronouncing Tibet as Tie-bay - in front of a Tibetan man, no less! Maybe you all should ask John about that.

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