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June 13th 2017
Published: June 14th 2017
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Up early due to the excitement of going to Antwerp and meeting Bob, my brother. We'd previously bought some ham for breakfast so it was a matter of grabbing a warm French stick and some orange juice from the local 7/11. Gus and I sat and watched the locals going to and from work whilst having breakfast. Quite a sight really given that some ladies were on their way home after night shift. This was followed by Gus complaining about his haircut and the fact he now looked like Tin Tin but at least he'd got his monies worth even if his comb was now redundant and he wouldn't need another haircut for about four months.

Gus and I had preprogrammed our Garmin GPS devices to take us to Antwerp when we were in Australia but it soon appeared evident that the Garmin had had too many beers and they'd lost the ability to navigate. Consequently we cycled around Brussels for the first hour trying to escape.

Once we'd escaped the city we cycled through forests, parklands and along the banks of the river to Antwerp. We passed through picturesque villages with stunning small churches. Unfortunately I was taking a photo of a beautiful church and wondered why people were glaring at me. It was a funeral. Either that or the wedding car was delivering the bride lying down. Oops!

Gus and I arrived in Antwerp and booked into the hotel about 30 minutes before Fran, Bob, Bec and Johnny. Multiple text messages were sent between Fran and I to co-ordinate the surprise in the lobby with Bob which paid dividends. The look on his face was priceless.

Plenty of celebration was in order so it was off to Bier Central for some Belgium hospitality. A great night was had by all. Lots of banter n beer.

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Post reunion celebration at Bier Central Post reunion celebration at Bier Central
Post reunion celebration at Bier Central

The cafe has a book describing all the beers they stock

14th June 2017
Ready to begin the journey

Bad start
Hasn't anyone told Gus about the dangers of white Lycra on middle aged men?

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