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Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast October 13th 2019

Our time in Belarus is almost over. It’s time to head towards the airport. We check out of our Soviet era hotel with one last journey in the terrifyingly jolty lift. The drive to Minsk is basically 240 miles along one long, straight, flat road through mile after mile of flat fields with occasional flat woodlands. It’s so dull I find myself longing for hills – a rare occurrence in my world. After 3 hours, we break the journey at Nesvizh Castle, a picturesque 16th Century castle surrounded by a moat. Inside is a museum charting the castle’s history. The floors are a mixture of polished wood, marble, tiles and silk rugs which all need to be negotiated whilst wearing plastic bags on your feet. Health & safety isn’t a thing in Belarus. Afterwards, we continue ... read more
Nasvizh Castle
Nasvizh Castle
Nasvizh  Castle

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast October 11th 2019

After a bad night’s sleep (a combination of the potato pancakes and sleeping next to the main railway line from Moscow to Europe, with freight trains thundering by every few minutes) we get up and go for breakfast. Surprise, surprise it’s pancakes. Add some jam – call it breakfast. I google potato consumption and am not surprised to see that Belarus has the highest per capita consumption in the world. After breakfast we set off for Belazkaya Plushcha National Park. It’s only 80 miles, but Google Maps takes us on an interesting cross country route which involves less tarmac than is ideal, but enables us to see plenty of rural Belarus. We reach the park around midday. Outside of Minsk, very few people speak English but I get by with my few words of Russian combined ... read more
Driving through Belarus
Belovskaya Pushcha National Park
Hotel complex

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast » Brest April 14th 2019

Sunday April 14 – My alarm went off at 5:30 today and I woke up with a headache. Never good. I ate a few peanuts and took some advil, then started to get everything packed up. I’m not bringing that much, so it all fits in my daypack, but with the water and laptop it’s a little heavy and inconvenient. I checked email and facebook, which was a waste, since the “most recent” feed is coming up random, so I’m not seeing most of what anyone posts now. I don’t even have a reason to use it now if nothing is there. I left at 6:20 and walked to the train station. It took just over 10 minutes and there was hardly anyone on the large, open streets. The city doesn’t have a lot of feeling, ... read more
My fave church
My fave church
Pedestrian street

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 25th 2018

Day 15: I woke at 3am. Creeped past the kids and Yuliya sleeping. Carefully unlocked the door. Sneaked across the lawn, bent over and screamed at the top of my lungs” Get up you tw@t” into the dogs kennel. The dog yelped and ran backwards to the other side of the kennel hitting the wall. “See how you like it you bastard!” I then walked back to the house with a grin of satisfaction on my face. Yuliya is awake by the time I get back and announces she is still drunk from her gin bonanza last night. We all sit down for a cup of coffee. We decide to drag the kids up this year and dress them rather than carry them in the car in their PJ’s. They dress bleary eyed but are excited ... read more
The cockerel dog

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 24th 2018

Day 14: The dawn of the new (and our last) day was heralded by our faithful dog. Does he not realise that most normal animals don’t get up at this hour. I swear that I am going to learn taxidermy before we next come. Bastard thing. Even the cockerel can be heard shouting profanities in its direction. Oh well best make the most of the last day. Yuliya makes coffee and I get up out of bed. I feel really tired but ready for the day ahead. Yuliya changes and departs for her last run of the holiday with both Dasha’s. I get dressed and pack my bags ready for my morning walk. I am determined to get a 15km walk in in my last morning. I set out past the brickworks, over the railway tracks ... read more
Belarusian graffiti
Babushka Zoeya
Grandad Zhora

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 22nd 2018

Day 12: I wake up without a hangover!!! I feel dreadful. I have the shakes I’m craving any drink immediately. Only joking. I feel great but I am still very tired from the last few days. Yuliya gets up early and makes a brew. She and the two Dasha’s are going for their morning run whilst I decide if I can be arsed to go for a walk. Surely a day off would be a good thing. They return and I have made my mind up to do a short one. Jamie has sprouted a stye on his eye lid and Yuliya asks me to go out to the chemist to get some eye drops. It is a 4km walk into town so I agree not really realising the practicalities of the job at hand. I ... read more
Evening Walk

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 18th 2018

Day 8: I feel dreadful my head hurts, my body aches, my mouth is dry. I feel that I probably don’t need a drink until Minsk tomorrow. My mouth tastes a bit flyey for some reason. Yuliya wakes and makes us a coffee. She has promised both Dasha’s a run this morning. I make a barocca and have a paracetamol or two. God I’m thirsty. I lay back on the bed and finish yesterday’s Blog and post it. Yuliya gets herself dressed and wakes up young Dasha. Once dressed they both set out on their run. This morning I am not jealous. I just want to go back to bed but I have promised myself a long walk. I get dressed and after filling up a water bottle head outside and wait for Yuliya to return. ... read more
Love of my life
Nailed the goals today

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 17th 2018

Day 7: I woke early with Victor coming in to make himself breakfast. It was 6.30 and the sun was just breaking through the morning mist. We had a few hours until Natasha’s parents Lida and Sasha arrived for the day. I was told that I had to try and socialise and therefore I wouldn’t be able to do a big walk later. I therefore had a coffee and juice, filled my water bottle and set out in the dawn light to complete a walk. Kissing Yuliya goodbye I told her I would be back in a couple of hours. I didn’t have the time for exploration and set out walking along the footpaths alongside the canal system. The morning was lovely but the long grass on either side of the path was covered in dew. ... read more
The family
Fishhead..... as you do
Yuliya and Dasha cooling off

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 16th 2018

Day 6: Again a broken nights sleep this time from the throbbing pain in my leg. I eventually woke properly at 9.30 and was ushered into the kitchen for a waiting cup of coffee. The breeze blowing through the window was cool and refreshing, and I felt more human than other mornings, the daily chore of coping with a hangover was luckily missing. Yuliya insisted on redressing my cut and produced a small bottle which she said had antiseptic properties. She then proceeded to, what can only be described as, painted my stitched leg bright green. It now looked gangrenous and showing the first sign of a zombie apocalypse shadowing our house. We are going to town after lunch to buy some bandages which are more supportive than the ones I have on now( which feel ... read more
Let’s buy some tickets at the station.... wait let me just stop on the tracks and take a picture
The dried fish counter....... urrggghhh
Walking the canals

Europe » Belarus » Brest Voblast August 15th 2018

Day 5: I couldn’t really sleep during the night. Don’t know whether it was the weather or the anticipation of the run and the manual labour ahead of me. I woke at 3am and went to the kitchen for a cape and swig of water and sat watching the stars through the window. Behind me Yuliya and Jamie were lay sleeping holding each other. They looked adorable and I felt very lucky to have them. Maia, Katya and Young Dasha were sleeping in the veranda next door. I returned to bed and through fitful sleep awake when Victor coming in before going to work. I shook his hand and rolled back over to sleep a little while longer. I was awoken by my alarm at 7am and looked over at Yuliya who was checking her work ... read more
the house we want to buy
Fat man chopping wood with great gusto .
The incident

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