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April 17th 2017
Published: June 3rd 2017
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Monday, 17th April 2017

All my life, I never like to use the term "Café Hopping". To me, visiting a café should be a very relaxing affair where you catch up with good friends over hot meals, pastries and a nice cup of coffee. "Café Hopping" literally sounds like a really rush affair where you visit one café after another for the sake of visiting and probably snapping yet another "been there done that" instagram experience.

Dinner tonight was at Café Museum, a very lovely place located at the heart of Karlsplatz Station. Our previous experience at Café Sperl (which we didn't manage to dine in the end) gave us some insights on the Café Culture in Vienna. In a nutshell :-

We find our own choice seats (free seating). There would probably be nobody to greet you at the door (even though the friendly patisserie lady behind the counter did inform us about it's free seating policy).
After settling down, the server would pop by with the menu. For the next 5-10 minutes, they would probably leave you alone to look at the menu until you are ready with your order.
Service might not be prompt at times but nonetheless, you could still expect some nice and attentive service (at least this was our experience).
At any time, we did not feel rushed and could take our own time to enjoy our meals and linger for as long as we desire. I believed we spent more than 2 hours on both occasions we visited.
All coffee beverages comes with a complimentary glass of Viennese Water and a small sweet or biscuit.
Finally, feel free to tip your server if you think that they had delivered a great service. Just inform them how much you are paying when the bill comes along at the end of your meals.

Generally, Vienna Cafes have a long history and it's a really grand affair to be submerged within the Café Culture. The décor is outstanding for Café Museum with red sofas and high ceilings. We ordered savoury pastries, a nice chicken salad, mango cake and coffee / chocolate beverages to go along with our food. I forgot the name of our server but I remembered he was a really charismatic middle-aged gentleman dressed smartly in a dark, sleek tuxedo as he went around with his work. Certainly, he was very proud of his profession.

At the end of the evening, we were certainly very pleased with our experience at Café Museum - the foods, the décor, the service and the convenient location. Vienna would never be the same without their legendary cafes which sets them apart from the other cities that we visited.

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