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July 17th 2015
Published: July 19th 2015
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Last day on the coach and it will be a relatively long one according to Viktor. On to the bus and away with a few tired travellers - other than us.

We get about 45 minutes down the motorway when we come to a stop. Both lanes, then we hear emergency vehicle sirens and everyone pulls over and makes a lane for them to get past - obviously and accident up the road. At least 2 fire trucks, as many ambulances and a few police. Must be a good one. Now they are there we aren't moving anywhere fast. After about an hour maybe, Viktor tells us there is a truck accident that spilled some chemicals - must be following us.....

People are wandering around on the motorway, and I can see people about 200 metres up the road on a bridge looking down. Finally someone comes back and says that it looks like we might be moving soon. In the meantime, Viktor has been trying to amuse us with stories about his trips, what can and has happened etc. along with asking us for stories about holiday stuff ups. Amusing time and everyone has a good laugh.

At last we are moving, but while we were sitting, lots of people needed to use the onboard toilet. Interesting times watching everyone try to negotiate a very tight space but when nature calls......

Get to our first stop which Viktor cuts short and everyone agrees and has a proper wee and snack/drink break. Back on the road to Vienna. Viktor asks if we want to keep driving and have a slightly later lunch - agreed. Just when we are looking good on the road, another traffic jam. Guisseppe takes an off ramp and we are through the narrow side roads again. Eventually get back to the motorway and traffic is moving well again.

Get to our lunch stop - a place called "Old Timers". Wondered if Viktor was having a shot at us or not. Another fast food restaurant that works really well. You get a salad yourself, and then order any mains. The waiter records it on his machine then swipes a credit card thing which you take up to the till for payment. One swipe and they know how much you have to pay....

Arrive in Vienna and meet our tour guide. Another walking tour in the heat of the day but she promises us shade and delivers. We walk through arcades and alley ways to get to my church (St Stephens). Huge cathedral and we get on the inside of the fenced off area. That done we find more shade and 2 more churches which are nice and cool. Tour over and on the bus to the hotel. Not much time to get organised, have tea then out for the Concerto tonight.

Make it all in time then to the concert. Good seats in the 5th row. Great music, singing and dancing. Interval and we have champagne on the terrace. Viktor has saved us a prime position and guarded the drinks because "the Dutch just steal them" according to him.....

Night done and off to bed.


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