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August 5th 2006
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Strauss und Lanner StatuesStrauss und Lanner StatuesStrauss und Lanner Statues

We spent our first night in Vienna feasting on wine, chocolate, cheese and crackers in a beautiful park overlooking these statues and the town hall, which looks like a castle.
Sorry for the lack of updates, but we have been busy planning our itinerary and places to stay, so we do not end up sleeping on the street. We spent five hours tonight figuring out where we are going to next. Our original plan was to head to Budapest after Vienna where we are now, and where we have been since Wednesday, but it is too far out the way, The train from Vienna to Venice is about seven hours and that is long enough. After much debate, we also decided to leave Greece out of our itinerary, because it takes far too long to get to, and we cannot afford to fly. We are disappointed, but are excited for Italy. Also, we plan on spending more time in rural France, for we have more time now before flying home from Paris.

So... we are staying in Vienna until Sunday and then we are off to Venice for two nights, and then we have a place booked in the Amalfi Coast for five nights, which will undoubtedly be amazing. Venice is super expensive, but I am sure it is worth it. We are pretty relaxed, but finding decent places to stay is a bit of a challenge.

My feet are purple. My mission today was to find a pair of cute comfortable shoes, because my $4 Value Village purple flats, the most comfortable flats in the world, actually stain my feet purple when they get wet, (soap does not even work) which is unavoidable because it seriously has been raining for a week. The weather forecast doesn't look good either... that's why we are heading to the south of Italy as soon as possible.

Anyways, because of my purple feet, we were directed to a popular shopping street by our trusty front deskman Hannes. In only 20 minutes I found all I needed including a new pair of shoes and a hair dryer. I even got a pair of shoes mended.

We have really enjoyed Vienna, despite the seemingly endless rain. Even more than Salzburg, it is the city of teal, meaning it is meant for me. It reminds us a lot of Paris, which we miss. Today we went on a guided tour of the Vienna Opera House, as well as a self-guided tour of Stephansdom, a medieval cathedral similiar to Notre Dame. Yesterday we slept
Damels CoffeehouseDamels CoffeehouseDamels Coffeehouse

One of Vienna's renowned and elaborate coffeehouses. I think I'm going to have my afternoon coffee and cake like this every day.
in quite a bit and went to the Hofburg Complex, specifically Austria's National Library. Everything is amazing in Europe. We find ourselves laughing at how beautiful everything is compared to Edmonton. It is unbelievable. We are going to come back even bigger snobs than ever. Yesteday we also went to a famous coffeehouse called Damel's. It was beautiful.

Well, we are really tired. Perhaps we will write more in Venice.

Diana and Lindsey

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Musical TherapyMusical Therapy
Musical Therapy

We spent a good 30 minutes playing piano and singing in this music store on one of Vienna's busiest streets, Mariahilfstrasse. Unfortunately, the piano was a bit out of our price range...

5th August 2006

comfy shoes
Hi girls. Diana, I'm not sure you know what real comfy travel shoes look like! Very funny. I still have my old pair of mephisto sandals.....ugly but comfy. Changing your itenerary is fine, can't see everything on the first visit. I am jeaulous about all the great food and coffee you must be tasting. I'm such a food girl. Take care.
8th August 2006

You shoe situation post-spawned a song...
Hi girls, How goes it? Hey Diana, I guess your whole shoe thing gives a new meaning to that Prince tune "Purple Rain" - huh? Hope you're having a blast - lavender tootsies and all! Have fun and see you soon. S.

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