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March 17th 2013
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Deer 002Deer 002Deer 002

Deer outside bedroom window
Last Sunday we arrived at the first of the many Wwwoofing places we will be staying at on our way back to N.Z. Our first hosts, Brigitte and Kurt, have been really lovely and we felt at home straight away. Technically we are still in Vienna but are situated in a beautiful forested valley, where we even get the occasional deer or colorful bird outside our bedroom window to wake us up before we start our chores. Unfortunately there hasn´t been much to do. Unlike New Zealand where the summer doesn't want to end the European winter has been very selfish, teasing us with a warm 17 degrees one day and then dropping back to -3, with snow, the next day. On the two days without snow we managed to get in the garden to chop some firewood and trim the hedges but the last few days the only job has been to shovel the snow off the stairs. Eric has also been sanding and varnishing the stairs inside.

Due to the snow our next Wwoofing host has unfortunately had to cancel on us, as it is apparently too dangerous to get to the farm and they already have a
Yellow tomtit feeding in the snowYellow tomtit feeding in the snowYellow tomtit feeding in the snow

taken from the kitchen window
wwwoofer stuck there until the snow melts. Unless we hear back from another host in Hungary we will most likely only head to Hungary for a few days to stuff ourselves with Langos. ( A Langos is a savory yeast bread thingy, deep fried, sprinkled with garlic, and pasted with whatever you like but usually mozzarella, Tomato and Basil. I fell in love with them when I discovered them at Womad and when Eric suggested we skip Hungary as we had nowhere to stay I nearly cried at the thought of missing out on a delicious Langos) so, we will go to Budapest for a few days and then head straight on to Romania where we have already found a fantastic sounding farm where we can work near Timisoura.

Here are some photos of the Wwoofing place we are at now.

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Eric and KurtEric and Kurt
Eric and Kurt

unfolding Sail
Man and his Irish SetterMan and his Irish Setter
Man and his Irish Setter

Saint Patricks day Vienna
Otto Wagner Majolica House Otto Wagner Majolica House
Otto Wagner Majolica House

across from the markets
Frozen puddlesFrozen puddles
Frozen puddles

Skating on the frozen puddles
Yoga RoomYoga Room
Yoga Room

The Crow
Brigette and EricBrigette and Eric
Brigette and Eric

Brigette helps Eric with the Dog

17th March 2013
Yellow tomtit feeding in the snow

bird feeding
Great way to feed the birds. I bought this bird feeder and the seeds just blew away and caused lots of weeds in the garden. I'll try this method.
17th March 2013
Leah hard at work

Love to see you working!
17th March 2013
Yellow tomtit feeding in the snow

So that's a tomtit.
17th March 2013
Yoga Room

funny games
17th March 2013
Eric Yoga

watch that knee
17th March 2013
Brigette and Eric

more funny games
Pin the tail on the donkey at the christmas party
17th March 2013
Brigette and Eric

Easter tree
Haha. Brigette, our host, has it there all year and decorates according to any up and coming celebrations. At the momment it is an easter tree!
17th March 2013
side streets of Vienna

tunnel vision
Very arty!

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