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February 9th 2007
Published: February 11th 2007
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Our flight was scheduled to leave O'hare at 2:33pm on the 6th but because of snow, (and some stupidity on United's part) we did not take off untill after 7:30pm. Because we took off over 5 hours late, we missed our connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a little bit of a worry but it worked out well and we got on another small plane to Vienna less than an hour later.

Once we arrived in Vienna, we were greeted by our "Buddies" who are a couple of local guys assigned to help us transition us to life in Austria. Gabriel and Matthias are awesome and have helped us with so much. Yesterday they helped a couple of us set up a bank account and get a cell phone.

After we were finished with some errands in Wiener Neustadt, we headed to Vienna to the largest mall in Europe.
Then we headed back to Wiener Neustadt to the dorms before we went to Gabriel's apartment until about 2am, and then went to an Irish pub till 4am. The bars and clubs here do not close until sometimes 8am. Europeans think that Americans are crazy for closing bars at 2am.

The next day we had a meeting with all of the foreign exchange students. There are about 50 of us from over 10 different countries. U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Finland, UK, Ireland, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, and Austria. After that, there was a party in the dorms for everyone that was hosted by all of our "buddies". It was a lot of fun.

At 10pm, my friend Adam and I got on a train to Vienna to meet our buddy Matthias, who had to work that night. He met us at the train station and we went to a club in Vienna until about 5am. It was extremely fun and there were so many people there. It was a good time.

Today was the most interesting day here yet. I needed to find an ATM machine that accepted my type of card, so Meggie, Peter, and I walked into town to do some sightseeing, find an ATM and possibly grab some food. We were walking around and took some pictures and then walked into the church in the middle of the town square. It was AMAZING!! I tried taking pictures but the light was so bad in there that they do not serve the church right at all. We were the only ones in there and it felt a little eerie so we left after a few minutes and some attempted pictures. After finding an ATM we found the old city wall built centuries ago that was used to keep the Turks out during battles and wars. It is quite amazing how old it is here.

On our way home we walked around the cemetery in town. It was incredible and had a memorial for all the soldiers from Wiener Neustadt who had been killed in WWII. There was also a secion where all of the Italians were burried who were killed in WWI. Very interesting. I will try to update this more but i am a little more busy than i thought I would be. ha.

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12th February 2007

Schoene Gruesse!
Schoene Gruesse, Adam! Ich gratuliere Ihnen zur Ankunft in Wien. Es ist ja sehr interessant, ueber Ihre Reise zu lesen. Ich wuensche noch viel Spass und Erfolg! --Herr Z
13th February 2007

miss you already, keep us informed, i hope your having a good time..its seems like it so far...
13th February 2007

looks like fun!
Aw, Mr. Drake, although I miss here at drake, it sounds like you are already having an amazing time!!!! I can't wait to hear more about it. I love austria and am SO jealous that I am here in des moines while you are partying it up there!
14th February 2007

Adam, I am glad you made it! Have a great trip and enjoy Europe. Say hi to Christoph.
4th March 2007

Glad Tidings
Looks like your having fun. I am sure you are learning alot. I hope it is not all book learning :-). Stay safe and have a great experience. We are heading to see your mom and dad today. Birthday parties. Remember how much fun they are. Almost as much as you are having. Write at ya later. Rich

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