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March 11th 2007
Published: March 11th 2007
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My Year in Asia had always seemed to stretch endlessly out before me, all the way to the distant curve of the horizon and into the vagueness beyond. So it was with a sense of real disbelief - as well as sadness - that I realised I only had three weeks left after returning from Burma! And these three, already inadequate, weeks passed by ridiculously quickly - a loud, fast-forward blur of parties & ... Read Full Entry

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Danube River, SalzburgDanube River, Salzburg
Danube River, Salzburg

My mum tells me that someone or other in 'The Sound of Music' skipped across the bridge in the top-right.

11th March 2007

thanks for sharing this.
11th March 2007

Beanie Boy rides again!
Monna, great blog again with lots happening in your life! You really need to get out more. Liked the photo of you and your mum in front of rat house... did you see any rats why you were there? Hemmingway
11th March 2007

Viennese Memories
Sitting here with you in Barcelona at an internet cafe it is so good to read about the start of our epic trip! As you and Joel say, It has been good times! I´m sure though that the beannie didn´t have anything to do with your snowboarding abilities!
12th March 2007

what a way to go !
thats such a great experience mike, its quite an opposite world from what you have experienced in southeast asia. what you saw and smell, heard, touch and felt came alive, took their place in your mental map, settled in your very soul and forever endure. what a way to go !
20th March 2007

Artistic Photo!!! :)
Loved the "Splashes of Red" photo! Was awesome having you and the parentals in Vienna for Christmas and New Years! See you tomorrow!!!
24th April 2007

photographic genius
Michael, how'd you get the red to stand out in that picture? that's soo cool. Is that a camera setting? you know, we never really sat down for that photo lesson. Now I am regretting it. (sigh..... :-)...)
10th December 2007

Words From Doha
how nice they r!! I really wanna take photo class. Glad to find this blog! Thanks for sharing.

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