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Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz August 4th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Hier je vous expliquais que j'avais pris une bonne saucée le matin et que j'avais échappée à celle de l'après midi. Le soir je me rends au deuxième adresse de restaurant que m'avait fournie la réceptionniste (la belle). le temps n'était pas vraiment menaçant, mais je prends quand même le parapluie. J'avais fait 300m, quelques gouttes, en 3 minutes les vannes se sont ouvertes, plus question de parapluie, ni rien, un déluge, vous verrez sur les photos, les gens mangés en terrasse, eux avec un parapluie. Même a l'abri sous une porte cochère, les parasols de restaurants ne suffisant plus, en 10 minutes trempé jusqu'aux genoux. Pire qu'il y a il 3 semaines à Sibiu en Roumanie. Lorsque ça c'est un peu calmé je suis arrivé à ce restaurant, bien sur complet, plus ... read more
ferme slovène

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz August 16th 2019

Today is my first ever visit to Graz, despite spending so much time in Austria. It is the the country’s second largest city and also the capital of the province of Steiermark (Styria). After another great breakfast buffet I check out, leave my case with reception and do the easy 15-minute walk into the centre. We don’t have a guide lined up for Graz yet so I am doing this visit simply to get a feel for the city and to see the main sights. I know I am going to see some outstanding architecture of all styles in a very small concentrated area - from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Graz was added to the list of World Cultural Heritage sites in 1999 as the “best preserved city centre in Central Europe”; it ... read more
Typical street
The hydrogen bus

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz August 14th 2019

I have a cunning plan this morning. I only have to check out at noon; my train to Graz isn’t until 15.45 and I want to make the most of the time in Ljubljana. I did have a bath very late last night so I am definitely clean, but I get up and go down to breakfast (whispering) ….without showering!! So my plan is to head out in shorts and trainers (and top, obviously!) and do a more energetic walk than yesterday’s guided walk, returning to the hotel around 11ish to shower, pack and check out. I feel as though I have benefited so much from travelling here by train. I arrived at 3pm on Sunday which meant that I still had the afternoon and the evening to explore. Yesterday, I had the entire day in ... read more
Open-air market beneath the castle
Dragon Bridge
Side view of the Cathedral

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz May 20th 2019

Good day - that's how the conversation in the small washroom began. We have not seen many Brits during our travels so it was strange hearing English spoken so naturally. The accent though was from someone from a land down under. I turned round to see a man and his wife carrying a huge bag of washing. My Australian friends told me that they had flown in to Holland three weeks ago, picked up their hired van and had meandered thi had called into Amsterdam and Koblenz , followed the river , entered Austria and had spent yesterday in Saltzburg. They needed a washing machine as the hire van only had one set of bedding. This needed to last another three weeks. I had washed my clothes, taken them out of the washer and struggling to ... read more
Look for this if you are looking for the Armoury
I just love these signs
One of the painted houses

Europe » Austria » Styria » Altaussee August 23rd 2018

The next morning the fire was still burning in Hallstat, Madame Sydler said that there was another salt mine at Altaussee, I could take the train and then a bus to get there. I have been listening to a book about salt, in preparation to go to a salt mine, so I decided I did not want to miss the opportunity if I could help it. At the TI they told me that there is not a direct bus, I would have to take a taxi, they have a 'cheap' taxi service in Bad Ausee, 9.50 euro each way. I pondered what to do, I really wanted to go to a salt mine. The next train was a few mins or a couple of hours, I decided to take my time and walk around Bad Goisern, ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz June 12th 2018

Thought it was going to be a hot day today and it certainly was. By 10am it was already roasting and getting stickier by the minute. We got to Graz reasonably early to try avoid the excessive heat and through the day we were delighted when a few cooling raindrops fell on us but with the fantastic luck we are having it didn't actually rain while we were in the city. Fortunate as that long scooter ride back on busy roads would not have been fun in the wet. Bob had found somewhere for us to head to on the edge of the old part of the city so we went straight there and parked. We had a little 'walking' guide book and did our best to follow the route it said but to be honest ... read more
180612 Graz (36)
180612 Graz (12)
180612 Graz (72)

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz June 11th 2018

Woke to yet another lovely day. We are being very lucky especially given the frequent / daily thunderstorms which the weather forecast keeps showing. In fact not a drop of rain at all today and by mid afternoon really rather unbearably hot at 28 degrees+. Not a long drive at all and we took the scenic route for well over half way, a road which followed the motorway and often the railway and as a result went through several quite industrial towns. Bob had decided we need to use the motorway for the approach to Graz as the alternaitve road was an up and down, windy route. The motorway went through a couple of tunnels, really long ones 8 km and then a 10km. We had already prepaid a toll which allows us by number plate ... read more
What a swimming pool !
180611 Graz (7)
180611 Graz (54)

Europe » Austria » Styria » Irdning June 10th 2018

Weather forecast last night said we would have rain all day from 8am. Woke to blue sky and sunshine and a forecast now for rain starting midday. Not a drop dropped until the usual 6pm downpour with thundery effects. Kisbee came out of the Tandy's boot. Macs in sacs went into the back-box as a precaution and off we went. Not actually quite sure where we did go but we visited a couple of pretty flower decked villages, took photos across fields to the mountainous backdrop and went a little way up a couple of mountain roads. First stop was "Loch Ness" which is the public swimming area directly across from the campsite on lake Putterersee. We had seen it from our side of the lake and wondered what it is. No idea if the water ... read more
180610 Aigen, Ennstal (178)
180610 Aigen, Ennstal (157)
180610 Aigen, Ennstal (216)

Europe » Austria » Styria » Irdning June 9th 2018

Bit of a grey start to the day. We have become accustomed to waking to blue sky and I do prefer it. Makes much nicer photos for one thing. Not far to drive today, just East, half way to Graz. Bob only used the motorway for the first 10 miles to get us out of and away from Salzburg then he turned off on our cross country route. I prefer to follow the way we are going on a road atlas. Have several times been able to refuse the Tomtom’s request to take a little ratrun which would not be suitable for the Tandy. Checked the only map we had for Austria and it is a very small scale Europe map and not much use at all. Bob stopped at two Shell garages but though they ... read more
180609 Aigen, Ennstal (21)
180609 Aigen, Ennstal (35)
180609 Aigen, Ennstal (38)

Europe » Austria » Styria » Graz December 29th 2016

Am dritten Tag bin ich mit der Straßenbahn zu Schloss Eggenberg gefahren. Das war leider geschlossen und ich habe statt dessen den Park angesehen. Der war auch sehr schön, vor allem bei dem Sonnenschein und dem frisch gefallenen Schnee. Danach bin ich wieder in die Innenstadt in mein Traditionslokal. Nach dem Essen habe ich dann noch in einem Café einen Kaffee getrunken. Anschließend bin ich zurück ins Hotel und ins Spa. Abends habe ich noch einen Cocktail an der Bar getrunken. Danach habe ich wieder TV gekuckt.... read more
Bei Schloss Eggenberg.
Bei Schloss Eggenberg.
Bei Schloss Eggenberg.

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