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Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach May 23rd 2007

Well it looks like I might be taking a small trip to Croatia this weekend. It's a lovely place; I've already been to places like the capital city of Zagreb and the horrifying tourist trap of Dubrovnik (but luckily when I was there the wind was so awful and it was so cold and rainy that most of the tourists apparently decided to go elswhere. Or maybe they were all just curled up under the covers in the beds of their hotel rooms, who knows). To tell you the truth, yesterday when I woke up I hadn't had a darned clue I was planning on taking a trip to this former Yugoslavian country, but alas, by the end of the day I found out I was going to have to. You see, in order to get ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach May 15th 2007

Hello to all those people who were wondering where I went, if I fell of the face of the earth, or who didn't even know I had a blog. It's been at least a year since I last submitted an entry here at Travelblog. Since then a lot has happened, from finding a new place to live in a nearby nest called Maria Lankowitz, to deciding that living here wouldn't be such a bad idea after all - but to my dismay finding out that Austrian Government doesn't want Americans living for longer periods of time in their country (or at least they make it hard for them to). I went home for the summer and slaved in the 110 Degree sun at a crappy old rickety waterpark known as 'the Rapids'. Doesn't the name make ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach April 5th 2006

Today I decided it was time for me to speak my mind. Usually when I am confronted with a controversial topic, I tend to let the other person speak their mind, and if I disagree, I usually just keep quiet. I've been here in this small Austrian town now for about 7 months, and frankly that's too long for me to let people make perpetually offensive/racist comments and let them go on with their lives without thinking that they had said anything offensive. Im Gegenteil! Tonight I was horribly offended by the dinner conversation. For Easter Break I intend to travel through the former Yugoslavia with 2 other people, both whom I would describe as highly intelligent. I would never step into such a foreign realm without being sure that I was in safe accompaniment. We ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach March 3rd 2006

Last week I found a big itchy red boil on my belly. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I immediately asked Hanna what it was that night at dinner. She said, in her assuring Austrian way (this lady is ALWAYS right, and when she's not right, she STILL is) that it was just a "Fleckerl" that I caught from a virus that her grandchildren had. I was puzzled, for I had not spent a minute with those children for over a week, but instead of objecting and in turn receiving a confusing explanation in thick Weststeirisch dialect, I zipped it. For the next few days I'd notice the Fleckerl in the mirror and wonder if it would ever go away. Sometimes it itched, which made me worry, but then I assured myself that it wasn't so ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach January 10th 2006

I can't seem to get my "location" right, but I'm still here in Austria, die Steiermark, Bezirk Voitsberg, and even better, in Koeflach. The "o" in that word there needs two dots over it and sounds like an "ee" sound but with your lips rounded, so that it ultimately sounds like something ridiculously Germanic or scandinavian. I'm still working on the vowels here. Looks like you'll never find out how I got down the mountain in detail, but for those of you who are curious, I used my two legs and sometimes an arm for support. We cut off 3 hours by going down the mountainsides sometimes. And if you slipped, you slipped on some puffy snow so it didn't hurt. The way down was so much easier, but at the last stretch I was so ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach December 19th 2005

Three months here in Köflach, in der Steiermark, in Austria and it's almost set in stone that I will be staying here for an additional academic year. I'm not a student, thank God, for I've finished my studies at UC Santa Cruz this past June. And even though I myself hate studying, I find that I love being in a classroom and being the one to infiltrate my beliefs into the heads of young people (I sound like some sort of propagandist, but for those who know me, they know I am only joking). I have decided to stay because of the unending feeling of belonging here that I receive from all walks of life: from the family who owns the house I live in (who has also taken me in as some sort of daughter, ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach November 27th 2005

Hello. I'm not a computer person so although I have a few photos I'd like to share, I can't, because I'm computorily challenged. At 23, I should be well computered. Sadly I'm not, for I hate them when they randomly turn off or erase my entire email. Modern times, these days. It's like a complicated relationship, you don't like it all the time but you need it. This is, however a TRAVEL blog, which means I shouldn't be blabbing on about computers. I'm not actually travelling either, because I live here in Austria, and will be living here for the next 7 months or so (perhaps longer; it depends on how well I can handle myself around all the racist homophobes). Generally, however, I have no complaints and find myself to be happier and more satisfied ... read more

Europe » Austria » Styria » Köflach January 22nd 2005

mooi! daar gaan we, Arnaud en ik op weg om de pistes van Oostenrijk onveilig te maken! of juist veilig??!? Met Huski erheen, voor 2 weken werk hebben als ski/board docent, en niet meer terug komen om vervolgens daar werk te zoeken! in een bar/hotel/op de piste?! Leuk klein huisje bij Der Annelies?!? met Die Katze! geweldig mens (keh) of niet arnaud? heerlijk een paar daagjes gepoederd, maar geen werk, of beter gezegd geen werk dat compenseerd voor wat we thuis hebben! (inside joke) ach, wel een lekker avontuurtje erbij!... read more
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