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August 16th 2013
Published: August 16th 2013
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Yummy shotsYummy shotsYummy shots

Seriously I still don't know what this is
I left Nove Zamky today and headed off to Graz, Austria and it was a nice day until I got about 30 miles out of Bratislava and it started pouring buckets of rain. It was insane worst rain I had encountered along my whole trip and I really wanted to stop in Bratislava and see the city but the rain was so bad I didn’t want to go around navigating in it because it is a pain in the butt when you have no clear place to go just wandering around. So I decided to just carry on with my ride to Graz and now I have an excuse to come back to Slovakia. I took a pretty nice ride along the way it was very scenic and that is what I was looking for so I was pleased with my road choice. I eventually arrived in Graz and had a bit of a time finding the place I was staying. I was doing couch surfing again so it was someone’s house I was looking for and I had the address saved in my gps I got close then I encountered like a million one way streets and finally said I

Somewhere along the road to Graz just looked cool
quit and found a parking garage and parked. Luckily for me I was like a two minute walk from where I was to stay. I get to the address the guy gave me and it is an apartment complex with like 10 flats and he didn’t mention what flat he is on so I just sat there and thought for a bit and eventually picked a buzzer and it was the wrong one but it was a woman that also does couch surfing and she helped me find the people I was looking for and they thought I was coming the next day somehow but they were cool and got me squared away.

We sat around and talked and played a little Donkey Kong because it’s awesome then we went out. Now I was still low on euros because I still had a bunch of Krouna from my time in Prague so when we went out we started walking to different cash machines to get me some euros. Now again the lack of a chip in my atm card caused problems at six different cash machines so I couldn’t get any cash, it’s no big deal places take card

Lucky me my keys are there overnight
but I get fees and I hate fees. We went to this pub that was just getting started with pub trivia and we all joined in it was only €1 per person so why not right. Turns out a good portion of the questions were American pop culture from the 90’s so in short we crushed it, long ways I answered almost all of the questions by myself and the rest were football questions that the rest of the guys were able to get right since I had no clue about football. While there I decided to try all the beers on the menu because I hadn’t heard of any of them so I just worked my way from top to bottom and they were all pretty good. But the people I was with said we should take a shot of something so they order it and it comes up and I am looking at it and it looks cool green, white, red all in their own layer in the glass. We shoot it and carry on it was pretty good but I still have NO IDEA what it was. I have showed countless people the picture of the shot and they have no idea either, it was good though and that is what matters. I don’t remember the prize but it was a good chunk of €€€. Got back to the loft pretty late and we started watching a movie called Nazi Surfers I don’t remember much about it but it was pretty stupid in a how did they make this funny. But I passed out and got a good rest somewhere in the middle of the movie. I awoke the next day said my thanks and made my way to the bike. I didn’t notice it till I went to pull my key out of my pocket but I left my bike key on the ground under my bike all night and I was super lucky that it and the bike were still there in the morning. I didn’t even mind the €40 parking fee because my stuff was still there. I headed out on the final day of my trip heading home after 29 days I was just as excited to go home as I was to start my journey but that is for the next post


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