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July 11th 2011
Published: July 17th 2011
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What! Its 7 AM, I know we need to get on the road. What! As I turn over I feel this foot up against my back. Get Up! Ok are we on vacation or not? We need to get up and load the car and get on the road. You want to see the Ice cave and ride on the Alpine Stratsse RIGHT? Ya Ya Ya.

Kirsten and I walk to the bakery and she’s talking and talking, I’m just missing my nice bed.

We get there and the lady is smiling and Kirsten is just as happy as can be. I’m looking at both of them thinking WHAT THE &#*@! We order our rolls and we‘re on our way back and

Kirsten says you don’t have to be so grumpy. WHAT! I’ve been kicked out of bed and you want me to be pleasant also? I don’t think so.

We get back to the house and Oma has coffee waiting and Opa is sitting at the table wondering why breakfast isn’t on the table. We sit down and have our last breakfast in Berchtesgaden.

We get on the road by 9 AM and we’re heading towards the town of Werfen. Werfen is located in Austria and is home to the largest Ice cave in the world. Yep! You read it correctly. I have it as a point to stop and see. Well before we get there I see this cool castle up on the mountain and ask Kirsten to stop and let’s explore. We pull in and it’s up on top of the mountain and it cost $20 Euro’s to ride up to the top of the mountain and visit the castle. Ok let me point out anything over 1 Euro is overpriced if you ask any German. So I decided I would pass on this castle knowing that the ice cave will cast as much if not more.

We get back into the car and head to the ICE CAVE. Woooo, Ok in my reading I found that this cave was discovered many hundreds of years ago and it’s the largest in the world. So we head up the mountain and up and Up to finally we get to the parking lot. I jump out and

Kirsten is following me like she’s going to go with me. I soon realized that she had no interest in seeing the largest Ice Cave in the World. I’m on my own, so I buy my ticket and I’m off up the side of the mountain. In my book I read that it’s a 20 minute walk to the gondola ride and then another 20 minute hike to the cave. I make it to the cave and the tour is beginning so the guide sticks me in the front.

We walk through this Ice Cave the size of Mammoth Cave for the next hour. It was fabulous, I mean real cool, as in 0 degrees. When the tour is done I make my way back down the mountain. When I get to the car Kirsten nicely asks did you rush. In my panting breath I said yea! Did you read the signs that HEART PATIENTS should avoid going? I guess that explains my shortness of breath and the three nitro hits I took. BUSTED!

The hike was well worth it, I couldn’t take pictures but I have post cards.

We all pile into the car and take off toward the Alpine Stratsse. This is a 45 Km road that runs up and along the Austria Alps. It cost 30 euros to ride on and it was well worth it. It winds back and for the hairpin after hairpin until we reach the top. At the top Kirsten and Oma decide it’s 3 O’clock and it’s time for cake and coffee. So we get a table overlooking the Alps and enjoy a nice WHAT IS THAT. It’s a guy standing on the cliff butt necked, yea you read it correct this guy is standing on edge of the Alps butt necked with his arms spread eagle.

Where’s the camera, what it’s in the car. Geeee’s.

Enough, about the necked guy.

We load into the car and head down the other side of the mountain. When we get to the bottom we find a nice village and decide to find us a Zimmer here. Oma see the information center and Kirsten pulls over and Oma gets out. She’s looking at the building and a nice man walks over from the café and asks are you looking for a Zimmer? Ya, Oma then directs the Austrian to my car window and begins to explain the directions to the Zimmer. Of course all of this is in German; I look at Kirsten and then the guy back and forth. Oma gets back in the car and we head down this road where the guy sends us. I ask Oma did you get all that, Knein, Knein I was lost interest after the third turn. I look at Kirsten and she smiles got ya covered baby; Ok.

We found the Zimmer and it was nice our window over looked the Alps and I slept great. Oh yea, we found this great restaurant and had a great Austrian dinner.

Tastes just like German food, LOL


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