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March 15th 2008
Published: March 15th 2008
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Ice Igloo! Ice Igloo! Ice Igloo!

This igloo is amazing. The pictures do not show up very well, but the chairs and bar inside are all ice too!
Today we finally went skiing for the first day. It was awesome! Skiing today was probably by far the best time I have ever had while skiing. Skiing here was better then any other place I had skied before and trust me; I have skied in lots of different places. This was the best vacation I ever had I am having soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I had a great time and the weather was excellent too. I think that weather was on our side today because the whole week we have been here it was raining. The mountain we skied on was huge! And when I say huge I mean like higher than the clouds, and enormously huge. Let me tell you about it.
First we went and rented the equipment, which surprisingly didn’t take that long. It was only about noon when we finally got onto the mountain. We had to take about four or five different lifts before we ever got to ski, and all of the lifts were really long and high. That’s how tall the mountain is. Then we went up the first gondola; we were suspended at least several hundred feet above the ground. When we finally finished riding the first gondola, we had rode on another egg shaped gondola with some snowboarders. That took a long time also. Then, after that, we had to wait in line for awhile to get onto a chair lift with a glass thing that you can pull over incase in is raining or something. After the long ride, we had to ski down a little bit to get to a huge cable car that held 60 people in each one. When we got into the cable car we had to squeeze everyone in and we were so packed together when the door open at the top people were falling out. Have you ever been squeezed into a closet smooshed with a lot of people, and when somebody opens the door you all fall out? Well, that was what this was like. I hated it because I was squeezed against somebody who smelled like sweat. After we got off the cable car, we had to either ski a very steep hill with a bunch of rocks on it down or take a train like shuttle thing. So we took the shuttle thing and got out and then we spent the rest of the day skiing down the mountain. Yes, that’s right, it took us the whole day just to ski down the mountain once.
When we got half way down the mountain we stopped in the lodge to get something to eat. I got a doughnut with custard; my mom had an apple strudel, my dad had a soft pretzel, and my brother had a cheese cake with fruit and jell-o on top. After we ate, we skied some more and then we stopped at this place with a giant igloo. The igloo was made out of ice and snow completely. Inside the walls were made out of ice (see pictures below), all of the tables were made of ice. It even had a flat screen TV with an ice casing; it also had cell phones incased with ice, the chairs were ice with wolf skins, there was in ice sculpture of a swain, there was a drink stand made out of ice, the cups were made of ice, and last but not least the managed to put a car in it that was on an ice platform. It was amazing.

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Over 3200 Meters high!Over 3200 Meters high!
Over 3200 Meters high!

Three gondola rides, one chair lift and finally a train to reach the peak!!

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