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July 20th 2012
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Hellbrunn SchlossHellbrunn SchlossHellbrunn Schloss

The pond at the Hellbrunn Schloss.
It would have been nice to spend some more time in Salzburg. Looking back we should have spent more time here than in Vienna. We booked another tour for today, it was a tour of the city (by bus) and out to Hellbrunn Schloss. It was not very good. I felt ripped off. The one nice thing was that it came with a 24 hour Salzburg card which allowed you to use public transportation for free and free entrance to many museums and discounts for a number of things in and around Salzburg. Next time I come I will get a Salzburg pass it is a really good deal.

The tour stopped at Hellbrunn Schloss and we had the option of staying out there or getting a ride back into town, we stayed. We went on a tour of the grounds and the Trick Water Fountains. It was a fun tour, although our guide was a bit like Markus Sittikus, the prince archbishop who commissioned the palace and gardens. He got great pleasure at soaking his guest. I did manage to get through the whole tour and stay dry. Sydony was not so lucky.

ABOUT THE VIDEO: Markus Sittikus
Hellbrunn Schloss 2Hellbrunn Schloss 2Hellbrunn Schloss 2

A picninc table, with a twist. (See Video)
like to drench his guest. He would invite them to an afternoon meal at a stone table in the courtyard. There is water in the middle of the table that is used to chill wine. Sometimes however he like to chill his guests. The boy sitting at the head of the table is in the seat that Markus would occupy. All of the seats (except that one) would shoot water out of it. Unlike the ladies that all jumped up it was unacceptable to stand up or leave the table before the Prince Archbishop, and Markus was in no hurry to end the meal.

We caught the bus back into town and had a wander through the city center. We bought some eggs. Why would we do that you ask. Well it is simple they are not just ordinary eggs, they are very lovely christmas decorations. Although there were hallowe’en, easter and other lovely designs as well.

After dropping our purchases back at the hostel we went out to the Haus Der Natur, (museum of natural history). We spent a little of an hour there, we would have stayed longer but they kicked us out because they were
Hellbrunn Schloss 3Hellbrunn Schloss 3Hellbrunn Schloss 3

An interesting little room we passed.
closing. We figured that we would get a bit to eat and then take an evening boat ride along the river. We found a nice little Italian place in the city center and got there just as it started raining. We have a very nice meal, pasta, and since it was still raining after we had finished eating we decided to stay for desert.

We headed back to the boat starting point but when we got there the only tickets left were for the back of the boat, outside. Not really wanting to sit on wet seats or to run the risk of being rained on again we opted to come back to the hostel to pack up and get ready for one last stop in Germany, Köln.

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Hellbrunn Schloss 4Hellbrunn Schloss 4
Hellbrunn Schloss 4

This, creepy, little statue moves.
Hellbrunn Schloss 5Hellbrunn Schloss 5
Hellbrunn Schloss 5

It is all done by water power.
Hellbrunn Schloss 6Hellbrunn Schloss 6
Hellbrunn Schloss 6

This was also Markus's solution to many problems: Stick out your tongue!
Hellbrunn Schloss 7Hellbrunn Schloss 7
Hellbrunn Schloss 7

The antlers spray water.
Mozart's BridgeMozart's Bridge
Mozart's Bridge

Named after Mozart, this was the bridge featured in Sound of Music that the children cross on their way to the mountain so learn Do-Re-Mi

Wait a minute...Austria! Apparently they get a lot of tourist coming to beautiful Austria looking for Kangaroo's!
Easter EggsEaster Eggs
Easter Eggs

Some Beautifully detailed painted eggs.

I love the idea of putting little cross-stitch motifs on the eggs.
Mozarts GeburtshausMozarts Geburtshaus
Mozarts Geburtshaus

I know this because it says so on the building. This is the house where Mozart was born.

Walking from the city centre to our hostel we passes these really interesting buildings that seem to be built in the rock face.

A really large fish, just one of many that we saw in the nature museum's aquarium.
Grrr GrrrGrrr Grrr
Grrr Grrr

Brown Bears. It was a fun display. The back drop lights would dim and the back would glow like you were seeing the northern lights at night for a moment and then the lights and the bottom would come back up and it would be 'day' again. Every time 'day' came the bears would growl. (It sounded like Chewbacha from Star Wars)!

There were a lot of rather large snakes in the museum. I thought this one was interesting because his head looks like a Spade. (Such as one would find on a playing card).

This turtle was having a bit of trouble trying to climb over this rock to join his friends.
Ice CavesIce Caves
Ice Caves

We did not get a chance to go to the Ice Caves while we were in Salzburg. We debated doing that today but the fact that we would have to walk up 700 steps and the approximate time to do that was 70 minutes we thought we would save that for next time we came. This fake little caves was a close second though (and no stairs)!

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