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July 19th 2012
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1: Rain 10 secs
Our GuideOur GuideOur Guide

Our wonderful guide Naomi.
I am really tired. First of all it wasn’t a particularly restful night. I really miss my pillows at home, It is really hard to take four pillows with you when you travel though. Here we have only one, not overly great pillow and there is no headrest to prop it against. I think the fact that had really nice beds in our Vienna apartment made the transition even harder. We also got up early this morning so that we could be ready for our Sound of Music Tour!! We got picked up from the hostel at 9:00am. We went to many of the sights that were used in the movie. It really made me want to see the movie again.

Our tour guide told us a little bit about Salzburg, the filming of the movie and the life of the actual Maria and the Von Trapp family, which now lives in Vermont (USA). It was fun, we drove out to the lake district (east of the city) where they used a church in Mondsee as the place where Maria gets married. As we were driving out there we played song from the movie and we all sang along, it
Von Trapp HouseVon Trapp HouseVon Trapp House

For those of you who have seen the movie this is a well known site. For those of you who don't this is the back of the Von Trapp house. The Pavilion (where Liesl is 16 going on 17) Originally stood here but was moved to Hellbrunn Palace Park.
was very fun. Over the course of the trip we sang just about every song that appears in the movie.

We got dropped off at the Mirabell Gardens, which was the garden and fountain that they were singing Do-Re-Mi at. We wandered through there, it is very lovely especially with the patterned flower beds. We had a nice walk through the city on the way back to our hostel. We stopped to pick up some food for dinner and when we went back outside, it had started to rain. Just barely though so we thought we could make it home.

It got worse, fast. Luckily just a little ways from the grocery store there is a stretch of sidewalk that is all covered. We waited there for a while. The rain was not lots of little droplets but really large raindrops, it was as if the rain were on steroids! We waited until it had let up a bit but we still got wet as we dashed back towards our hostel. Of course by the time we reached the room it had finished!

We peeled our very damp outfits off and changed into something dry. We now have to decide what we are going to do tomorrow. Our original plan was to go to Moosham castle but it is outside of the city and when we asked about how to get there they a) had no idea where we were talking about and b) once they knew they could only tell us how to get to the town nearby and we would have to find a way to get to the castle from the nearby town. Judging by the difficulty level of that task and the fact that there is still more to see and do in Salzburg its self we are likely going to spend tomorrow visiting the old town.

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The fortress is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

The famous pavilion, where Liesel and Rolf dance and where Maria and Captain Von Trapp fall in love. At least this is the outside. They needed a larger inside to fit everyone and the lights and the camera's in so they built the interior.

A fun fact: The scene in the Pavilion with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer was very dark because one of the lights kept turning on and off which gave them the giggles. The director decided to just turn the light off so they could focus on the song.
I Have Confidence In Me!I Have Confidence In Me!
I Have Confidence In Me!

One of the less well known songs perhaps but one that I do love. This is the lane where Maria waltzes up to the Von Trapp house singing her song of Courage.
The GateThe Gate
The Gate

The gate at the front of the house.
The LakeThe Lake
The Lake

The lake district is very beautiful!

The town, or more specifically the Church of Mondsee.
Mondsee 2Mondsee 2
Mondsee 2

This is the Church where Maria and Georg get married, in the movie, they actually were married at the Abbey.
Mondsee ChurchMondsee Church
Mondsee Church

The alter inside the church.
Mondsee Church 2Mondsee Church 2
Mondsee Church 2

This is as the front of the church. The skeletons are a little creepy. I don't recall seeing this in the movie, but it is something to keep an eye out for now.
Mirabell GardenMirabell Garden
Mirabell Garden

The Lovely Mirabell Garden.
Covered AvenueCovered Avenue
Covered Avenue

Also in the movie, the children skip down the avenue learning Do-Re-Mi
Pegasus FountainPegasus Fountain
Pegasus Fountain

The fountain near the end of the song (Do-Re-Mi) that the children walk around!

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