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June 8th 2009
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It's about time I get into gear and update this old thing again! This semester has been full of days off and extended weekends, as the Austrians are not the biggest fans of effort and work. Thus, last weekend, we had one of our many four day weekends. After lots of planning and the threat of cancellation due to the weather, Libor, L'ubomir (Slovakia), Veronika (Czech Republic), Bénédicte (Fra... Read Full Entry

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Schloss Ort in Gmunden.
The KidsThe Kids
The Kids

The two oldest are yet again the first two to play.
Rathaus GmundenRathaus Gmunden
Rathaus Gmunden

City Hall in Gmunden, right on the Hauptplatz, where there was a giant outdoor market which was really cool.
Fly Only?Fly Only?
Fly Only?

The other 4 wanted to know what this meant, as they understood the words, but not the concept, since it was an arrow point down the path that led straight into the water. I had been hoping one of them could tell me, as I had no idea...

Little alleyway in Gmunden.

It was also a pretty little city.
Schloss OrtSchloss Ort
Schloss Ort

Walking out to the city's island-castle.
Schloss OrtSchloss Ort
Schloss Ort

Once again.
The Castle's CourtyardThe Castle's Courtyard
The Castle's Courtyard

And then my camera was kaputt.

8th June 2009

Wow, very jealous. (Except for the camping part.)
8th June 2009

Young Buck!!!
Very,very cool pictures. Think they are my favorites so far! Kristy with the signs and Regina in the hills....LOL!!!
9th June 2009

Awesome pictures, Matthew. Thanks! I would agree with Hillary about the camping.
15th June 2009

WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!. Absolutely spectacular pictures. I am with the rest sooo jealous. The house trees are called espaliering, which is a form of pruning so that the leaves and fruit or flowers are only on the front side. Very intricate but beautiful to look at........Love ya, Nanny

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