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November 21st 2008
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Hello from Austria eveyone.

Meg is up stairs still lazing around as we wait for the time to go pick up her sister Beth. This means that I finally get to write another blog. Well our last moments in Italy were memorable. We started off the day waking up at 8AM, which meant we had 45 minutes to finish packing everything and get to the trainstation on the other side of Venice. We made our way zigging and zagging through the streets of Venice feeling like we were on a leg of the Amazing Race. After only getting turned around once, we finally saw the bridge before the station and made it there 5 minutes to spare. As we got on the train we notice that every set of seats had its own compartment, which was a relief. We sat down and as we set off for Austria we took our final breaths in Italy. On our way to our connecting city Villach we were amazed with the hills and mountains in the background. The train from Villach to Salzburg happened to be running late, it was suppose to be gone before we got to Villach, so we made the jump off one train and onto the next just in time. I just said the the hills and mountains were amazing from Venice to Villach, then I dont have a word that could describe them from Villach to Salzburg. You couldnt even see the tops of some of the peaks because of the clouds. In a tunnel out a tunnel. What a journey. We made it to Salzburg safely with only sore necks from looking up so much. Our hostel was only about a 10 minute walk with a couple turns so hopefully in this city we wont get lost. I look forward to seeing the castles and museums here. We will write back later tonight to tell you the tales of Beth and her journey to Salzburg. We are probably going to see all the Mozart stuff today, which brings me back a little in time to my early car trips with my dad playing Mozart and Beethoven all the time. Everyone have a great day.

auf Wiedersehen
annegret und Carsten


21st November 2008

I bet I'm not the only singing....the hills are alive with the sound of music....... Wait until the sisters get together and then the fun will start again. I saw Barb last night, out shopping for Moonie for Christmas. Not only did Christmas throw up all over the Ramore house, but the dog got some too!! Look forward to seeing more pictures. Hope you are feeling better Chris and Meg is taking good care of you. Sue from Callander(not to be confused with MomSue.)
22nd November 2008

Just humming along...
...with Meg as she sings the Sound of Music. Good to talk to you today, Chris, and to know you are finally starting to feel more human again...remember being human is having a whole array of feelings so you are allowed. Gee, when we drove along, we usually talked so did you miss out on some culture?? Meg found her previous self in Italy, maybe Austria holds some poignant memories for you Chris. Love you!! And yes, with all the MOMs and Sues, it is good we are identifying ourselves.

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