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June 1st 2007
Published: June 1st 2007
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we were just in salzburg, austria. Right in the mountains. The first day we were there it was really cold and rainy so we split up for the day to walk around. I checked out the castle along with all its museums inside which include a marrionette (spell? -puppet-) musuem.... realizing that puppets are the funniest things ever. i was watching an opera acted out by puppets they played by the door for probably an inappropriate amount of time.... all that emotion and big voices all coming from little moving pieces of twigs- come one else thinks that hilarious?...anyways i stayed out all day in the rain thinking if mel and andrea can handle the cold so can i. i go back to the hostel that night to discover they have been in bed all day (they gave up on the rain shortly after we parted).
luckily the hostel plays the sound of music every night at 8. it was shot in salzburg, and i always thought it was some crazy movie magic, no way could the backdrop to a scene casually be so amazing in real life. as it so can! so to quiet any curiosity let me just say that the sound of music is no joke my is for real.

so the next day we go to werfen, a small town outside of salzburg in the mountains. we ride, hike, and take a cable car to the very peak of the highest mountain to tour the ice caves. these caves collect water from the snow that melts above on the mountain which seeps in through the cracks and since the cave holds its 32 degree temp yr round it freezes the water that drips in. it was amazing. we wore every piece of clothing we brought along with socks for gloves and towels around our heads as scarves and brought our sheets just incase to battle the cold. it was really cold but worth it... we looked completely crazy, it was great! when leaving i notice bits of ice on the path as we hike down... mel points out that that is called "snow"....snow!!haha

now we are in prague....beautiful, almost too beautiful. it is strange to be in big cities with amazing architecture. i forget where i am, thinking i am just strolling and shopping in new york. all of a sudden remembering i am in a diff country when the shoes i am looking at have a number like th exchange rate math and they are less than 20 bucks.... or when i look up and all the stores have frescos and angles and gold and astronomical clocks and all kinds of stuff on top of them...crazy

today we go to karlovy vary 2.5 hrs away and check out the hot springs and baths and hiking tomorrow.then back to prague to catch a train to denmark to ride bikes i hope...?


2nd June 2007

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time! I can't wait to see all your photos, I miss ya! Katie
2nd June 2007

hey katie ...i want to put an exclamation point after your name but cant find it on this keyboard...the keys are all crazy...anyways i am so glad to hear from someone besides my parents. how are things..questions mark.. what has been going on over there...question mark... i miss you too..exclamation point

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