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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Krimmler Wasserfälle August 8th 2011

If we thought it was raining hard yesterday, that was nothing compared to today. We woke to see sunlight coming in through the window, which got our hopes up, but after closer examination the clouds were every bit as thick at yesterday, although there was not much rain at that particular point in time. The weather was perfect for a run so I went off down a trail that went south from Rauris, up and up into the hills. After a while it headed down into the next village called Wörth and then it was not too far back along the road. Now that the shops were actually open, we were able to go to the local supermarket and stock-up on some food as the UK supplies that we bought with us were starting to run-out. ... read more
Rain, Rain and More Rain

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Krimmler Wasserfälle June 17th 2008

Tuesday 17th June Excursion day to the Krimml Waterfalls - I’m determined to get to the top this time! I manage it… in 1 hour 10 minutes.. the superfit made it in about 50 minutes. Bought walking poles for this particular day, but left them on the campsite - doh! 16 people made it to the top, others chilled at the half-way restaurant or elsewhere. No time to see side-paths or the base! We took longer than expected to get here, and then wait a bit for a couple who got lost on their way back to the coach. Time for a quick photo stop back across the valley on the way back, although the day has now disappeared in rain. Head off towards Mayrhofen - taking in a couple of refuelling stops and a slight ... read more
Glenn & Lisa climb the slopes!
Krimml Waterfalls

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Krimmler Wasserfälle August 25th 2007

OK, so we knew this was going to be a bit of a trek on the coach, nearly 2 hours, but our driver gave us plenty of commentary on what we were passing, and we stopped after about an hour for a view-stop - pretty cool stuff! We then continued onto the Krimml Waterfalls, and after a slight false-start in which we tried to get into the water museum rather than the waterfalls (they need better signage!), we walked down the path, successfully got the tickets (only 1.80 Euro), and split off into those who were racing to get to the top, those who were aiming to get to the halfway point, and those who were going to go to the bottom first and stand in the spray (me), and then see how far up they ... read more
Notices that Bex is not just taking photos of the views...
The view - includes the (highest?) mountain in Austria, or was it the 3rd highest?
Hannah, Sarah & I in front of the view... before I instruct everyone to get back on the coach!

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