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Europe » Andorra » Sant Julià de Lòria February 9th 2010

Thought it's now been over five months since I transplanted myself into the Pyrenees, up until this past weekend I still hadn't indulged in one of Andorrans' favorite past times - skiing. My roommate Mike and our friend Pere had made plans to do some cross-country skiing (esquí de fons) on Saturday, so I sucked it up and decided I'd go on with them. One of the people I tutor lent me an old pair of ski pants, and the boot/pole/ski rental plus the pass would only run me 20€ or so, so why not? As the day drew nearer I started to research cross-country skiing a bit more. Wikipedia states that "as a sport, cross-country skiing is one of the most difficult endurance sports, as its motions use every major muscle group and it (along ... read more
Getting stuff out of the car
Looking toolish
Una baixada

Europe » Andorra January 24th 2010

So where was I? It's hard to keep track with all this stuff. The more that I sit down and try to think through all the things that I've simply done autonomously doing day by day, the more overwhelming it is. Bloody HELL we've done a lot of stuff, and seen a lot of things and met some amazing people and taken some incredible photos. It was only after talking to Mama Wetzlich this morning that I realised the scope of what we've accomplished, and the fact that we're still together after three months of living on top of each other is nothing short of a miracle. We drove and drove all the way from Sevilla to Evora, a 260 km stint. One thing that I must remind you is that the average speed you do ... read more
Almost There!
The Temple Of Diana
On Top Of The Cathedral

Europe » Andorra » La Vella January 17th 2010

Today, on the Feast of St. Anthony, all of Andorra gathers together in various plazas throughout the country to celebrate what is called L'escudella. Escudella, itself, it the name given to a traditional Catalan stew full of delicious things like Catalan sausages, beans, and various vegetables. Apparently in the early 70s some friends in Andorra got together and prepared plates of escudella for their neighbors and the shopkeepers in the area. They were essentially reviving the centuries-old tradition of distributing food among the poorest in the parish on St. Anthony's day, January 17th. As you might have guessed, this became quite popular and now the entire country participates. Lucky for us, in Andorra la Vella the festivities were taking place just a 5 minute walk from our apartment in the Plaça de Les Arcades. Basically the ... read more
Placa de Les Arcades
Un dels escudellaires
Commemorative bowl

Europe » Andorra » Sant Julià de Lòria January 14th 2010

Thursday 14.1.210 day 91 Andorra We drove to Andorra today. Andorra is one of the smallest country in the world, 464 sq km 2 ½ times smaller than Paris. It has the best skiing in the Pyrenees the lifts can get 95,000 people up to the ski fields an hour, the population of the country is 76,900. It has great hiking and motorcycle riding in summer. There are no taxes in Andorra so petrol food and alcohol are very cheap. There is more than 1 shop per 40 residents in Andorra we saw about 30 motorcycle shops in about 5 km of one another. There are police on almost every pedestrians crossing directing traffic helping people across the road including people in wheelchairs and giving directions to tourists. We read that the speed limits is mostly ... read more
Photo 8
Photo 2
Photo 3

Europe » Andorra January 7th 2010

Hi Everybody! I really planned to just do a photo blog on this trip. Walt and I are cruising in the Mediterranean. We went to Barcelona a couple of days early and took a side trip to Andorra. Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. It has a population of around 77,000 people and an area of only 468 sq km. Andorra is known as a great place to ski and for its tax free shopping. There were many huge electronics stores there. It took us 5 hr. to travel to Andorra from Barcelona and 3 hr. to return. We passed by beautiful lakes, rugged mtn., old stone ruins, and many dairy farms. I wish that I could have spent more time in Barcelona. I hope to someday return ... read more
Barcelona- Museum
Barcelona-Bullfighting Ring

Europe » Andorra November 5th 2009

The Fasthotel might be cheap and the room small(the shower/toilet)is like a cubicle they added after the room was built,a bit like what you would buy at Mitre 10 and have installed except a bit bigger because it has a toilet and washbasin as well.The cubicle obviously wasn’t completely and firmly attached as it rocks a bit when you walk or should I say step in there because there isn’t much room to do anything else.However we must say the water pressure in the shower head is very good and we have tried out a few showers over the past 7 months!! It is time to bring out the long sleeve shirts and put them on top of the shirt pile in the Kathmandu shirt bag and relegate the short sleeve shirts to the bottom probably ... read more
Countryside autumn colours
Market square,Mirepoix

Europe » Andorra » La Vella October 16th 2009

My apologies for the lack of update in recent weeks, its just that I haven had anything overly exciting to report, nor have I traveled anywhere fun. Nonetheless Ill attempt to highlight some of the things that have been going on in my Andorran life for the past few weeks. Life in the Palau continues to go very well, and weve all very much adjusted to living here in the Ciutat de Valls. I really look forward to seeing the change in seasons via our wondrous view - theyve forecasted snow for Thursday! Our location really is ideal for getting all the buses, going to the butcher or baker, etc. The other day Alex and I decided to explore what was up behind our apartment building, and what do you know there was basically a trail ... read more
Housemates plus Andrew
Path along the top
Looking toward Santa Coloma

Europe » Andorra » La Vella September 30th 2009

Well after 3 weeks of living in the prison known as Aparthotel Conseller I am finally free from such pleasantries as water being turned off without notice, paying for an internet that worked 1/300th of the time, and breathing in fumes from the construction that never seemed to cease. After some mild trauma with respects to securing a 4th person for our 4 bedroom apartment, Mike, Alex, and I convinced one of the Oxford students to take the 4th spot until she leaves around Christmas. After that...who knows...but for now it works out well money-wise and we are happy as clams. The place itself is located in the main Andorran city, Andorra la Vella, more specifically in the Ciutat de Valls, a neighborhood somewhat elevated and hence named "City of Valleys" literally. Since all four of ... read more
Other side
More kitchen

Europe » Andorra September 20th 2009

Here's just a quick update from today! Last night we decided it had been far too long since we had feasted, so while on a shopping excursion a quick pop into the Casa de Formatge was a no-brainer. I settled on a nice hunk of Morbier, Kelsey on a Basque Bleu, and Alex on Gouda “Light” (which tasted anything but light). I later picked up a half-wheel of Roblechon at Pyreneés. Meanwhile the Brits were taking care of the alcohol and selected a number of reds, plus this awful-looking liqueur that is, according to the bottle, “Tipic d’Andorra”. We had joked about trying it for some time and it was finally the time. Throw in a few tortillas (I remind you these are omelets, not flat corn or flour breads), some gin, port, jamón serrano, skewers ... read more
Casa de Formatge
Our Spread
More of Ordino

Europe » Andorra » La Vella September 18th 2009

I sure wish I had my camera coming down the "mountain" from school today. After this morning's rainstorms the mountains were all covered in an eerie mist - I'll have to start bringing my camera out with me more often to catch such events. Anyway...I'm alive and well in the Pyrenees, though without too many exciting things to recount. Nonetheless I'll try to enchant you with the details of my day to day life. Since we all know what I actually want to talk about, let's cut to the chase and have a look at what I've been eating. Though adjusting to our new schedules and teaching-loads has put a slight hold on our frequent feasts, we still are eating quite well. Perhaps the most interesting night's meal was inspired by a cute little package of ... read more
Lovely cheese spread

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