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February 19th 2016
Published: February 26th 2016
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Friday February 19 - Ordino is only 11km away from Andorra la Vella and didn't take that long to get to. When I arrived, I found the info office but it was 1:28 and the sign said they were closed from 1:30-3pm. Siesta, I guess. Anyway, I ran in just in time to get a map and find out where the bus back picked up. From there I went to look around. It's a tiny town, so it was easy. I went there to see more of the mountains and the stamp museum. When I got to the stamp museum at 1:50, I saw that they were closed from 2-3pm. I asked the guy and he said I have to sign up for a tour in the right language (there is a tour?), and I said at 3pm then. He said ok. I bought a few postcards to go with the stamps I bought earlier so I could write them while I waited. I wrote the cards, sent them, and then wandered some more. I got back just before 3pm and I was the whole tour. And as soon as it started I realized this was not the stamp museum. It was a house from the 17th century that was owned by a family until 1953. But, I figured just by looking at the first room that it would be interesting to see, and I did wait an hour for it, and I was on a private tour for five bucks. It actually was interesting and I'm glad I saw it. But I was a little confused on how to get to the stamp museum. The sign for it was together with the sign for the house I saw. When I looked again, there was a door that said stamp museum, so I went in. It was not the entrance. There was a film playing about the postal system in Andorra, and the only two people inside were the girls from the parliament tour earlier. I sat down and watched - I think I saw most of it - and then looked at the stuff in the room. Oddly, there was only one other place to go and that was into the stamp room downstairs, so I did. When I was done looking at the stamps, I went back out that same door I came in, as did the girls, because there was no where else to go. I still have no idea how you would buy a ticket, but glad I saw it. Next stop was the bus back to the capital, which I made without having to wait for it.

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