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Europe » Albania June 21st 2021

Budicek 430 ale budil som sa od 200 skoro kazdu polhodinu. Rychle zbalenie, ono ani neni co balit ked mame male batohy. Z oblecenia co mam som zatial nepouzil kratke tricko a tielko. Ulice mesta su prazdne. Julia robi velky vyber v atm, ja len malicky, cca 15€. V jednej pekarnicke kupene dva rozky. Predavac opat mily ako aj ostatny ludia. Na bus stanici dva minibusy, oba popularnej albanskej znacky mercedes. Jeden tirana a druhy sarande. Chlapik nas naviguje do sarande. Sme prvy cestujuci. Postupne prisli este asi 4ks. Podla chalana z ubytka cena 600l, podla webu 800d. Tak uvidime. Vyrazame 605, sedime hned za vodicom, bo julii neni po vcerajsom vine dobre a cesta bude riadne klukata. V meste naberame este neakeho cloveka a ide sa. Ziadna zavratna rychlost, asfalt strieda strk, jamy v ceste. ... read more

Europe » Albania June 20th 2021

Hlucny susedia odisli este pred nami. Smer bus parkovisko. Na nom uz par minibusov a jeden z nich bol i nas. Nasadame a cakame este kym sa trochu zaplni. Nieco po 910 vyrazame nase 3 albanske mesto korce. Cesta ubehla rychlo, nieco cez jednu hodinu. Obcas sme niekoho nabrali ci vysadili. Okolie zvacsa upravene policka, co je oproti macedonsku nezvyk. Taktiez oproti macedonsku sa tu plati az po jazde a clovek listok nedostane. Baba pred nami platila 200l, tak recepcna so sumou 150l nemala pravdu. V korce nas privitala moderna bus stanica, pekne znacene nastupistia avsak vnutri stanice sa nenachadza ziadna predajna listkov. Este sa to zrejme len buduje. Za stanicou velka ozruta. Rozpadajuca sa obrovska budova, komin. Uplna despozia. Smer ubutko at guesthouse. V plane vsak zastavka na kazdodenne machiato. Tu dost problem, vsetky kaviarnicky ... read more

Europe » Albania June 19th 2021

Dnesny den len cisto relax na plazi. Na nabrezi davame v pekne vyzerajucej kaviarni dve male machiata. Nic sladke pod zub nemali a kartou sa platit nedalo, zrejme sa ani nikde nebude dat ako to tak pozorujeme. Po kavicke sme sa vybrali do centra mimo nabrezia. To na nase prekvapenie velke a kopa obchodov. No pekarnu bol problem najst. Nakonec sa zadarilo a syrovy burek zavelil na ranajky. Obchody rozneho typu, od oblecenia az po ryby. Najlepsie su masarstva, zadny velky chladak, len tak maso pohodene. Bus stanica je len parkovisko plne minibusov. Neskor sme nadabili na cukrarnopekaren. Rozne dobroty sa na nas usmievali. Sme zobrali nieco k ranajkam. Obsluha velmi mila. Ked porovnam macedonsko a albansko tak zatial tu su ludia milsii. Ranajky spraskane pri jazere. Po ranajkach sa hned vyvalujeme na piesocnu plaz a ... read more

Europe » Albania October 17th 2019

4 Reasons Not to Drive in Albania “Now” is the time to visit Albania, the travel blogs say. Why? It’s super cheap, not touristy, nature is pristine, safer than ever, not crowded, wonderful food, and the infrastructure is improving. Those are all good reasons to go. This is an actual quote I read from a blog about driving in Albania. “A road trip in an around Albania will be a wonderfully rewarding experience and one which will give you lasting memories…” The truth is, it’s not very far for us to drive from Croatia, but mostly it’s on the way to Greece, where our boat is spending the summer. Since we have other things to do besides sailing, we plan to drive back and forth…twice! Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I tell myself about Albania. I’m ... read more
80 Euros for Engine Oil!
City Streets
Road Work in Gjirokaster

Europe » Albania » West » Berat October 13th 2019

We left Shkodër after breakfast on the balcony at our hotel. The drive from Shkodër to Berat wasn’t particularly scenic for most of the 3 hour journey, largely because of the haze but also because many Albanian cities and towns aren’t particularly beautiful (uninspiring buildings, litter, unfinished gardens). The roads were mostly pretty good though. We drove into Berat through the new part of town. Eventually we turned around a corner and caught our first glimpse of the beautiful old city Berat is famous for. Berat is the 9th largest city in Albania and is also home to a historic centre which, along with Gjirokastra’s, is UNESCO world heritage listed. Berat and Gjirokastra are recognised as rare examples of an architectural character typical of the Ottoman period. Berat’s historic centre consists of a castle (Kala) most ... read more
The new part of Berat
Kalaja district
Kalaja district

Europe » Albania » North » Shkodër October 11th 2019

The trip to Albania was slightly less straight forward than it was supposed to be thanks to the demise of Adria airlines. Instead of a direct flight from Ljubljana to Podgorica, Montenegro we first flew from Ljubljana airport (which was about a half hour drive from our hotel in Bled) to Belgrade in Serbia. After an approximately 3 hour long layover in the rather uninspiring Belgrade airport we caught the next flight to Podgorica. Podgorica airport must be one of the easiest airports for passengers; we hopped off the plane, queued for immigration as we entered the terminal building, clear immigration and headed to the baggage carousel which was about 10 meters away. After picking up our hire car for the next 3 weeks (a white VW golf), we set off for Shkodër in Albania. Along ... read more
Abandoned road construction equipment on the drive from Theth
View on the drive from Theth

Europe » Albania » South » Porto Palermo September 15th 2019

The next destination after Albania was Greece. We had to officially check out of the country and could have stopped at another town farther south, but we decided to head directly to Corfu, Greece. Our agent in Albania followed up with the check-out procedures and stopped at the boat to provide those to us so we could be on our way. We released the lines at 8:40AM on a very grey and cloudy day but it looked like we would have an opportunity to make it to Corfu with a fair weather window – not the best, but it didn’t sound like it would be too bad. We had a pleasant visit by 4-5 dolphin around 10AM, but they just stopped by for a short time and headed on their way. It was such a quick ... read more
A Mountainous Albanian Coastline
Views of the Terrain of Albania
Fishing Boats Are Numerous Along the Coast

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës September 14th 2019

When we left the magnificent Bay of Kotor, we headed south and stopped at the town of Bar, still in Montenegro as we needed to check out of the country and this broke up the trip to the next country we will visit, Albania. We had heard that it was quite easy to check out in Bar which is always a plus when dealing with the bureaucracy of various countries. We pulled into a large marina in Bar and were pleasantly surprised when we were given a side tie – always much easier for getting on and off the boat. We were helped by a very kind marina staff member who you could tell knew his way around boats by the way he dealt with the lines - he was an older gentleman that stated that ... read more
Not The Best Photos But Trying to Show
View of Durres As We Are Nearing the Harbor
Up Went the Albanian Courtesy Flag

Europe » Albania » West » Durrës June 18th 2019

ALBANIA A BREAK FROM DIVING My next stop was for R&R in Durres, Albania. Diving the Adriatic so far had not been world class, and I had my fill of cold water, and cavern and wreck dives. My plan was to relax and take a break from diving. As usual, changing locations was time consuming. Packing and preparations for travel kept me up till 4 am. I consoled myself with short sighted optimism and wrote in my journal… I can rest on the bus. I was up at 8 am, made a big breakfast and had a quick shower. I took a cab to the bus station…and there was a long wait before boarding. The bus was almost full when I finally got settled in my seat. Express? Not really. It took 6 hours. As usual, ... read more

Europe » Albania » East April 25th 2019

Der erste Tag, an dem ich weder Regenjacke noch wärmende Jacke angezogen habe. Hervorragend. 420 km sind eigentlich nicht viel, aber dazwischen war eine Fähre und 3 Grenzen und fast nur Landstraßen. Das dauert dann von 8.00 bis 18.00 mit kleiner Mittagspause. Kroatien, Montenegro und Albanien waren heute dran. In Albanien war dann schon ein deutlich anderer Fahrstil. Und was bedeuten die runden Verkehsschilder mit rotem Rand, in der Mitte steht eine Zahl. Z.B. 60 oder 20 oder auch 10. Am Tempo ändert sich aber nichts.... Ich fahr in solchen Ländern langsam aber stur und zeige an, wo ich hin will. Das klappt gut so lange ich nicht umschaue. Da packt mich regelmäßig das Grausen und ich verliere allen Mut. Also nicht umschauen..... Das Hotel kostet 30 Euro. Ausnahmsweise bin ich abgestiegen, wo auch Globebusters sind. ... read more

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