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February 7th 2010
Published: February 7th 2010
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Hi there everyone.

After hiking across the border into Albania I put Andrew into the wheelbarrow and pushed him down the hill back to Igoumenitsa, then I continued on foot alone at night in the drizzle being followed by stray dogs.
I had to get to the town of Conispol to get supplies and to find some accomodation to get away from the dogs. However, I could not get into town as I was surrounded by barking canines and I was picked up by a local who was swearing at me for being there at night! He took me to his wifes restaurant and hotel-cum-spareroom. They were real nice people, and they gave me food after i apologised for walking at night near the border.
I left there early in the morning to walk northwards but I had the same problem trying to leave town.! I fought off one dog with my stick then ran a little to pass the rest. Ten minutes further on about a dozen dogs formed a formidable barrier between me and the north. I simply had no choice but stand still and wait for a ride. I jumped in the back of a pick-up
Full moonFull moonFull moon

The dogs were howling....
and got a ride to the next town of Butrinti. Evermore determined not to let my four-legged friends from haulting me, I started hiking as soon as my feet hit the road. And guess what. more dogs!!!
I had to hitch again this time he was going to the capital Tirana, I opted to go and at least then i could see what kind of obstacle course was lying ahead. Dog after dog after dog after dog after dog.
They seem to form packs around the outskirts of all the towns, maybe because there's food there or just because crazy lone hikers make tasty snacks.
I realised by looking out of the car window that the dogs were everywhere and that continuing alone (or even the two of us) would have been foolish and dangerous as well as unpleasant.

For safety reasons I am now no longer walking!
I am now checking out some of the Balkan states looking for Alexander the great. Apparently he is here somewhere.

I am currently in Kosovo staying with a friend in Prishtina... All is well, and my feet feel great!


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The city lights.The city lights.
The city lights.

A slow shutter speed and a wiggly hand....

8th February 2010

at least they are not wolves
Once again I am enjoying your pictures. Have being trying to take moon shots , but your turned out beeter than mine. Theresa said you sent a card form Albania ....thank you they are getting suspious that it may be us behind the cards, but there is still some doubt in their minds. They are where concerned about these postcards at first and wondering why , who stalking them , etc and all those other qquestions, but now they are just wondering where the next card might show up from. say hi to andrew when you meet up with him again . take care and carry a big stick
31st October 2011

Great blog, really enjoyed it. Out of interest, did you have any problems with dogs in Greece? I am hoping to go there and am hoping it\'s not as dog-ridden as parts of Spain where I\'ve also walked.
14th November 2011

dogs in greece
there were a lot of dogs in the rural areas of greece and albania. Some of them seem to be wild and are in packs!
14th November 2011

Thanks for your reply. I\'ll take a big stick!

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