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October 18th 2007
Published: October 19th 2007
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The Unique houses in Gjirokastra!The Unique houses in Gjirokastra!The Unique houses in Gjirokastra!

Too bad.....they are still in the progress of restoring it....
Stroll around Gjirokastra in the morning...walked into this big old house, with an old lady and asked to get inside to see the interior......very Turkish style.....nice big house, too bad its vacant and not carefully maintained.......
lots of stray dogs in town and this one was jumping on us and bitting us!! ARGH!!! so scary...and the bit actually hurts...+(

Anyways, then went down to take the bus....asked around and a minibus said he goes to Berat! so I hopped on and went.........it stopped at Fier! and asked me to take a taxi to Berat!!! too expensive...so I took the minibus from there......by the time I got to Berat, it was like 3pm! very beautiful town!!!! regret not staying the night at first sight!!!!
The castle was too high up so I just walked around town. Very nice...The town of 1000 Windows to look its name....tho, obviously not 1000. haaaa!!! But very nice town, like the houses and the whole setup along the hills and river. There were many people fishing too!! I doubt if they can fish anything from the polluted river though....=P
Walked into this mornument......this mosque school......this man with the keys just offered to open the door..and started
The living room..The living room..The living room..

very Turkish to me....
talking....I have no idea what he was talking about, something about teacher...and mosque school.... but, all the time he was staring at my chest...not like I was wearing anything lowcut....and then he was poking me in my breast!!!! WTF!!!!! I just turned around and walked away...GRRRRRRR..................><"

Before touring, some people told me there is a bus backto Tirana at 4....so I went back and foudn out they meant 4am!!! SHIT. so I was stuck...this very nice lady at the newspaper stand directed me and gave me options to go back. At the end, I need to take a taxi to this other town, the driver drove me to the highway side, and helped me flag down a bus to Tirana! haa..very nice of him. He was cool, he learnt singing at school and learned this Chinese song and sang it in the taxi! GING!

Got to Tirana......had no idea where I was, took out a map and two young students came up to offer help!!! So nice!!!! They spoke very good English as well!!! So, they threw me on a bus to the main square and I avoided a taxi ride!!!=)

Got back...and just too tired from all the travelling...........
heading up North tomorrow, was deciding between Skhodra or Kruje....met another Austrian girl at the hostel and she was gonna go to Kruje...so set! haaaa.

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view from the inside..view from the inside..
view from the inside..

to the outside.
City of 1000 WindowsCity of 1000 Windows
City of 1000 Windows

The city is so nice! so cute!!! really wish I spent at least a night here.....-__-"
Stone church on the hillStone church on the hill
Stone church on the hill

very nice one!...stand out from the wooden houses!
The Mosque area....The Mosque area....
The Mosque area....

where that...dirty man was...ARGH!

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