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September 19th 2004
Published: May 11th 2006
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The Boys - KorcaThe Boys - KorcaThe Boys - Korca

The guys pose for a picture in Korca.
The night I arrived in Tirana, Mother Teresa International Airport was a madhouse. The Albanian National Football team had just beaten the Greek team in a world cup? qualifying match, and the Greek airplane was just leaving. People were driving around town all night waving flags and celebrating.

Enver Hoxha, the long time leader of Albania (The Land of the Men of the Eagle) passed on in 1985 and is no longer featured on the money. I wondered what would he say about the tight jeans and fashionable clothes the young people are wearing these days.

Tirana is a city built around a few large squares which are the focal point for activity after dark. Wide sidewalks are great for walking, and stores have backup generators for the power cuts.

Cell phones have made it here, the rooster and cicida are popular cell phone ring tones. Residents take hospitality very seriously, and Tirana has hundreds of sidewalk cafes and restaurants. On our first road trip we stopped for breakfast. I ordered a coffee, everyone else ordered beer - so I sent my coffee back.

Away from the ocean the roads are slow and bumpy. Concrete Pill boxes

Korca - a beautiful, friendly town in the southern Albanian hills.
dot the country side to fight an invasion that never materialized. Road side grave sites should serve as reminders but we do not slow down much.

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Rooftop view
Vlora - panoramaVlora - panorama
Vlora - panorama

The Adriatic Sea off in the distance.

A view from the hill
On the RoadOn the Road
On the Road

Where do we go from here?

25th May 2010

i love peshkopia qytet me te bukur nuk ka pasur dhe as sdo te kete shqiperia yeahhhhhhh yeahhh yeahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh
6th June 2010

qyteti me i bukur per mua. Vendlindja ime. I love korca edhe pse vij ralle.
9th June 2010

dh e mua me pelqen vendelindja eshte gjeja me e embel ne kete jet " pas femijes" prandaj kudo qe te shkoni mos haroni vendin nga e keni prejardhjen
11th June 2010

shuuuuuuuuuuuuum e bukur peshkopia
25th June 2010

peshkopia eshte qyteti ku u rrita me te mira me te keq...po ama eshte qyteti me i bukur qe njoh...ah peshkopi te dua shume
21st July 2010

7th November 2010

Nuk ka komente qe munde te pershkruhet Peshkopia , pasi eshte qyteti ku çdo njeri i huaj apo vendali ndjehet i rehatuar , i respektuar dhe i lire per tu exploruar ne te gjitha drejtimet e jetes . Kjo vertetohet nga te gjithe ata qe kane jetuar me pare ne peshkopi . Une nuk e nderroj me asnje qytet , brenda dhe jashte vendit .
7th January 2011

nice place
very frendly town. great food, beatuful mountains and lakes. Best location for visiting all south east Albania. great experience will come back.
7th April 2011

un jam nje nga peshkοpia dhe jam shum krenar qe jam dibran
13th December 2011

une jam nga peshkopia dhe me pelqen shume

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