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October 16th 2007
Published: October 19th 2007
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2nd hand shoe streeeet!2nd hand shoe streeeet!2nd hand shoe streeeet!

This street leading to the nice little stone bridge was FULL of these 2nd hand shoe stores! literally, covering the whole pavement!
Arrived in Durres, Albania, the port was...........basically a flat piece of concrete!!!
got through customs and nothing there beside a bunch of cars calling themselves a taxi.
So lost, got ripped off and hopped on a taxi to find the bus to Tirana!

Once on the bus it was all easy, dropped right off at the train station and I just took the bigest road I saw until I got to the big Scanderbeg Square. kinda walked through and when I thought I was lost, the hostel staff found me and pointed me to the hostel, which was right across the road!!!!!

Had some time before checkin, so walked around the city. Its like all the other Balkans capital.......lots of cars...people...dusty. but, houses here are very colourful!!! and they love to sell old got this whole street of shoe sellers that just sell old used shoes!!! very intersting sight! The road scene was interesting as well. 50% people drove Mercades Benz! and they all have EU stickers on........haaa! I wonder if they were stolen cars or just old cars people dumped away......but they were NICE cars really......
then another 30% must be BMW and the rest......VW and all other cars......haaaaa.
ANother thing is....the Albanian flag is always next to an EU flag for some reason???????????????
weird. Anyways, it reminded me of being in Bosnia or Serbia. People gave me the stares again coz not much Asians in the country...but I kinda liked it..HAAAAAA...!

Got back to the hostel, checked in and met a few travellers. Decided to head to Gjirokastra the next day since nothing too intersting in Tirana anyways...luckily, met this New Zealand girl heading the same direction so could find someone to split some cost..=)

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cool mornument!cool mornument!
cool mornument!

right at the street intersection...almost hidden from the traffic!
Colourful Albania!Colourful Albania!
Colourful Albania!

they really like colours with buildings!!
Skandenbeg Sq by night!Skandenbeg Sq by night!
Skandenbeg Sq by night!

still buzzzzling!

the minibus i was on was..WAY faster than their train! haa..the train was really crawling.........
another statue..another statue..
another statue..

possibily the same guy...

28th June 2008

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