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Europe » Albania » South » Porto Palermo September 15th 2019

The next destination after Albania was Greece. We had to officially check out of the country and could have stopped at another town farther south, but we decided to head directly to Corfu, Greece. Our agent in Albania followed up with the check-out procedures and stopped at the boat to provide those to us so we could be on our way. We released the lines at 8:40AM on a very grey and cloudy day but it looked like we would have an opportunity to make it to Corfu with a fair weather window – not the best, but it didn’t sound like it would be too bad. We had a pleasant visit by 4-5 dolphin around 10AM, but they just stopped by for a short time and headed on their way. It was such a quick ... read more
A Mountainous Albanian Coastline
Views of the Terrain of Albania
Fishing Boats Are Numerous Along the Coast

Europe » Albania » South » Porto Palermo August 25th 2012

Balkan trek Just getting to the pick up point was a struggle, it was seriously early and the sun had not yet risen. It was the biggest group from the whole summer, 41 people. Far too big as it is hard to get to know everyone and clicks tend to happen. I had met Monique, Chicken, Nicole and Tanya from thr Greek Islands so we had our own sleeping corner up the back, the partying in the islands had wrecked me. Also we had to do stupid introductions like what kitchen utencil would you be...I chose cupcake tray. We arrived in beautiful Parga, Greece after way too many hours in a bus and we had amaxing pension accomodation where I got the double bed! I could even fit long ways! New and amazing experience! Haha We ... read more

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