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Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster May 24th 2018

Albania 2018 Day 7. Thursday 24 May Colit to Gjirokaster by van. After quite a good sleep and despite the thunderstorm I awoke at 6am with no pain in my hip. However when I stood up it was a different matter. Still struggling to walk and needed assistance to breakfast. 2 fried eggs, bread, butter, cheese, salad and jam. Found a stick to help with walking. Rode in van to Permet, where our guide Armand took me to hospital for an X Ray. Result no breakage, so just rest until swelling goes down and hopefully be able to ride again in several days. Hurray. Hopefully when we get to Gjirokaster I will be able to buy some crutches to save having people to help me walk. Walking is quite painful and exhausting. I cannot wait to ... read more
House Martins building a nest above our table.
Good roads today

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster June 9th 2016

Donderdag 9/06/2016 – ¨Sarandë Dagexcursie met lokale gids naar 2 Unesco-cultuurmonumenten. De archeologische site van Butrint, in het uiterste zuiden aan de Griekse grens. Het kan zich meten met Griekse archeologische toppers als Olympia en Delfi. Zeer herkenbaar zijn er de resten van een Grieks theater, een Romeins badhuis, Byzantijnse kerk, stadsmuren met poorten. En dit alles op een site. Het tweede Unesco werelderfgoed dat we bezochten in de bergen is de oude Ottomaanse binnenstad van Gjirokaster met een Byzantijns fort bovenop een stijle heuvel. Onder dictator Hoxha gebruikt als gevangenis en later als wapenmuzeum voor buitgemaakte Italiaanse en Duitse WOII kanonnen. De resten van een US vliegtuigje in 1957 triomfantelijk door het Albanees leger zogezegd als spionagevliegtuig neergehaald, is er nog te zien. Ook het geboortehuis van Hoxha, ooit muze... read more
Butrint - Archeologische site
Butrint - Archeologische site
Butrint - Archeologische site

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster February 26th 2015

url=* Wedding - the most important event in each Albanian (woman) Literature: Map of Albania (Shqipëria), Freytag&Berndt, 1 : 200 000, Gu... read more

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster July 12th 2014

On our drive to Saranda in the south of Albania, we stopped at Gjirokaster to see the castle there.... read more
View from car
Old town

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster April 21st 2014

After leaving a fantastic stay in Dornberk, we went to the cave in Postonja, Further on to Ljubljana where we had a nice visit to the old town (Starigrad), we finally learned what it means. then we set off for Bosnia-Herzegovinia. We entered the country from the north west and drove throughout countryside without to many things to see We stopped at a petrol station with ccv surveillance and slept. Next day we arrived in Scit Rama. at a private house and restaurant in the middle of a lake. Fantastic food nice people and a breathtaking view. Next stop was Sarajevo. A city that was hard hit during the war. There were still a lot of marks on the buildings. Windows had been replaced, and just enough for the houses to be habitable. There is still ... read more
Train into Postonje Cave
Postonje Cave
Postonje Cave

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster July 3rd 2013

Albania 1 to 3 July 2013 Our 1st stop in Albania was Gjirokaster after driving through some magnificent country – rugged mountains which would be snow capped in winter (it was still 30-35 degrees during the day now), green with many sheer cliff faces and river valleys and lots of tunnels. We spent only 3 days in Albania and we could clearly see they were trying to make a go of tourism after years of government-enforced isolation. We saw many updated roads, houses and commercial buildings and shopping complexes which heralds the country’s new found prosperity. Yes, they have a bit to catch up but yes, they are clearly progressing. Their currency is the Leke which is 105 Leke to $1.00 AUD. We found the people to be very friendly. We also spoke to a number ... read more
Gjirokaster Old Town Albania (2)
Gjrocaster Castle Albania (9)
Durres Albania (9)

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster July 8th 2012

Our first day off, so we took a short 90 minute trip north to the city of Gjirokaster (pronounced Gee-row-kast-ra). The ride itself is like a roller coster, bumps, curves, tall hills and definitely danger... there are some crazy drivers here! Along the way there are small "markets". It mainly consists one or two old men with boxes of fruit and small snacks for people to purchase for road trip snacks. We stopped at one and apparently you're supposed to buy fruit by the kilo, but I only wanted one peach. The little old man was so cute he wouldn't take my money! I slipped a buck into his tip dish though when he wasn't looking :) Once we arrived in Gjirokastra we immediately saw the castle. It towers over the entire city like a fortress. ... read more
Elaine M Ferritto

Europe » Albania » South » Gjirokaster September 28th 2010

From Berat I took a bus southwards to Saranda a port city on Albania’s Ionian Sea coast. We passed some pretty mountain scenery interspersed with some of the 600,000 concrete bunkers that were built during Hoxha’s communist dictatorship (enough for a family in each) to survive a nuclear attack (I’m guessing here). It got more interesting however when during the four hour journey, a number of pensioner ladies got on and a prolonged shouting match ensued with the driver - who was giving as much as he got. From what I could deduce he’d sped past them at an earlier town and now that they had caught up on another bus they were very angry with him. With them on board there were now not enough seats for everybody - but let this get in the ... read more
17 Gjirokastra 9 Sep 2010
5 Gjirokastra 9 Sep 2010
4 Saranda - 11 Sep 2010

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