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June 22nd 2009
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Teddy Standing Up 7 months oldTeddy Standing Up 7 months oldTeddy Standing Up 7 months old

Teddy has grown to be a lot bigger than we had anticipated!
Teddy The Albanian Puppy We Rescued - Update

Teddy will be coming out of quarantine on Saturday 4th July 2009 'Teddy Independence Day'.

Teddy will have an absolutely fantastic life. Everything will be a new experience for him. When we found and rescued him at 10 weeks old he was in a dreadful condition, in fact nearly dead. He has now almost finished his 6 months in quarantine, just 2 more weeks to go! He has been happy throughout as he has known no difference. It will be an amazing experience for Teddy to have freedom and to go on his first walk on the day he comes out. He is a totally oposite dog to how we found him. He is no longer the frightened, starved, ill little pup that we rescued. He is now totally free from sarcoptic mange, he is no longer frightened but confident, happy, energetic and trusting. He is well nourished & in full health. He has grown to be much bigger than we had ever anticipated which you can see in his photos!

Teddy has now got a fantastic future ahead of him but what about the other cats & dogs in
Playful Teddy 7 months oldPlayful Teddy 7 months oldPlayful Teddy 7 months old

Teddy is very lively and full of mischeif
Albania? My friend Jilly & I decided that we wanted Teddy to fly the flag for all the other stray cats and dogs living on the streets in Albania. When we rescued Teddy there were no animal shelters/sanctuaries in the whole of Albania so we had no option but to bring him to England. After much research we have found that Albania's first and only animal rescue shelter has started by a Swiss lady called Maria who married an Albanian man and has gone to live in Albania. She was horrified that there was no animlal welfare in Albania so she wanted to do something to help the large number of strays and has now set up a shelter near to the capital Tirana.

A small Austrian Charity that helps to support shelters in Greece, Spain, Turkey & most recently are helping as much as they can this shelter in Albania. Please see the website, You must type the web address into yahoo.co.uk and then the search findings come up, click on the translate button next to the web address in order to translate the site into English. If you just type the full web adress not into a
Teddy posing for the camera at 7 months oldTeddy posing for the camera at 7 months oldTeddy posing for the camera at 7 months old

Teddy loves to pose for the camera.
search engine like yahoo it will come up in Austrian! The web address for the charity is

We have contacted the WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service) which is an English charity that supports international animal shelters. I have told them about the situation in Albania and how Maria's Shelter is the first to be set up there. The WVS are now helping by sending out regular parcels of animal medicines free of charge.

Jilly & I are now fundraising for the shelter as they struggle financially to buy food for the animals and can only afford to feed them on bread, noodles and bones.

We have have been offered a large donation of pet food to send out to the Albanian shelter. Every September in Stoke-On-Trent, England, there is a pet food motorbike rally which is organised by a great animal lover Sid Rogers. 3000 motorbikes slowly ride through the city in procession. The public line the streets and give pet food to them as they pass. They collect it in their back packs etc and a van picks up the heavier donations of food. This event helps numerous animal shelters and would like to help the Albanian shelter. We need to find away of getting this pet food out to Albania with no or minimum costs. We are appealing to anybody who is driving to Albania or knows of anybody/organisation that can help us get this pet food over there at the end of September or October 2009.

When Teddy comes out of quarantine I will write another blog update about him and also about the further progress we have made in helping the Albanian Animals.

If anybody would like to send a donation towards Teddy's Quarantine or for the shelter in Albania the please send to

Animal Rescue
Dingley Dell
East Cliff Walk
TQ14 8TR

Thanks for reading and we would love to hear from anybody who can help
Jenny & Jilly

tel - 07980861149


23rd June 2009

simply superb
I think the whole project is simply superb, jenny and jilly have done and are doing a superb job of work, many congratulations. Giving so much time is amazing. Well done .
20th August 2009

teddy..a moving story
i know teddy must be one of hundrds maybe thousands of animals that need help in albania..glad to hear about the new rescue shelter...just hope a lot of people can do all they can to help...kind regards....keith

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