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July 1st 2008
Published: July 20th 2008
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We woke early to head up to Montenegro by early afternoon, after a disagreement about how we should get to the bus stop at 6 am (cat won) we walked up to the top of town, then sat backpacker hobo style on the side of the road hopping we were at the right place. A few wanders later to see if the stop was elsewhere a swanky new mini bus and some kiwis arrived and before long we were on our way up to Budva.

We arrived in the north of Albania with a bump as the driver slammed on the brakes to avoid steel poles flying in through the windscreen, causing the car behind to smash into the back. Out the drivbers got after a quick exchange and a laugh they both happily got back into their cars and the journey continued (apparently insurance and other dull things like whos to blame aren't imporetant here...)

A little further up the same street there was a gasp from the front as a guy was floored, followed by another guy running away holding a wrench then from out the back of the car got a man with a baseball bat who followed the wrench wielder, why he hadn't run away now is beyond me, but there he was standing a few cars down waiting with the punney wrench as a basball bat attacked his skull.... not somewhere we regretted missing a night.

The boarder control was far more painless than the one at duress and we got through both crossings easily, though one of the kiwi's did have to open up his guitar to prove it wasn't a gun (why you come across the world with a guitar is beyond me but....).


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