8 hours ago - RENanDREW published a blog
Poles apart in Pushkar
February 4th 2015
We were leaving Udaipur and travelling north to Pushkar. We woke early, jumped into an (motorised tricycle with a passenger cabin) at 5am and made our way to the Udaipur train station. We had a (te ...
9 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
May 22nd 2015
Today was set aside to re-visit the Royal Museums at Greenwich - the Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the Queen's House Art Gallery and the Cutty Sark. We have visited these museums be ...
12 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
An Uplifting Vatican Extravaganza on Memorial Day
May 25th 2015
Okay - I've been walking back and forth between Rome and the Vatican for a few days now, and since we spent the majority of today in this tiny nation, I'll give an account of all our interactions ther ...
1 day 11 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Pentecost with the Pope
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

May 24th 2015
We've walked through the Vatican several times since we got to Rome, but we've scheduled a tour for tomorrow morning, so I'll save all my Vatican adventures for tomorrow's post. But we did stand aroun ...
2 days 12 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Art in Florence
May 23rd 2015
I wasn't really expecting to be in Florence today at the start of this trip, but that's nothing new. I was quite happy to go, especially now that I've been to the Uffizi. In case you didn't know, I ...
2 days 13 hours ago - Miltonrabbit published a blog
A Time to Reflect: The Normandy Beaches
May 23rd 2015
Friday 22 May 2015 Seventy-one years ago the Allied armies were preparing to land at the Normandy beaches only a few kilometres from where we are staying. It is hard to believe the turmoil that wou ...
3 days 7 hours ago - two4deroad published a blog
Viñales: Up-close and personal
May 15th 2015
The fields of green tobacco, almost obscuring the quaint farmhouses, were our first signals that we had entered Viñales. For hours we had pushed the little car and ourselves. We didn't stop for ...
3 days 13 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Final Day in Cinque Terre
May 22nd 2015
The past 2 days have basically been beach-hike-beach, a few train rides, and some good food thrown in there to keep us going. I've been happy to do something that so many other people have on their ...
4 days 5 hours ago - mikesrtw published a blog
Sunsets on Sugar beach
April 18th 2015
For us the aptly named Sugar beach conjured up thoughts of fine white sand, beaches lined with palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see, beautiful crystal clear water lightly lapping against th ...
5 days 12 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Falling Down and Picking Yourself Back up in Cinque Terre
May 20th 2015
So, we've now visited all 5 towns of the Cinque Terre, and we even hiked the only trail that was open today. We are tired. The End. Though we are very tired, I'll still write this thing. Also, for ...
5 days 23 hours ago - Dancing Dave published a blog
THE BLUES HIGHWAY...Riding Memphis with the King
May 20th 2015
I saw him in Sydney...the band playing the riff..."B.B...B.B. King of the Blues"...over and over again. That was the encore...at least 20 minutes. B.B. King on the edge of the stage...throwi ...
6 days 3 hours ago - Neil And Vickys World Travel Blog published a blog
Day 182 New Zealand, Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
May 19th 2015
Hello Bloggers and everyone else, Today we had a very early wake up for us of 6.30am. We had paid the $30 shuttle bus to pick us up from the Tongariro Holiday Park at 7.10am. We had porridge f ...
6 days 11 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Bezieres - The Millau Viaduct - Millau (Cresseil)
May 17th 2015
This morning Nicole served another HUGE breakfast. This morning we had strawberries and yoghurt/crème fraîche again which was yummy, but it's still like having dessert for breakfast! Then Nicole pre ...
6 days 12 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Cinque Terre (Day 1)
May 19th 2015
We've come off day 1 of our Cinque Terre adventure pretty unscathed. We visited Riomaggiore and Manarola by boat, and while it's not in Cinque Terre proper, we also visited Porto Venere. We bought a d ...
7 days ago - Will Abney published a blog
Reading, Writing, and Sleeping in Italy
May 18th 2015
So, I'll be up front about my physical condition right now: I don't think I should've eaten the pizza at the Indian restaurant yesterday. Draw your own conclusions from that. Things are much better no ...
7 days ago - Trabern published a blog
May 16th 2015
I forgot to mention that just after we reached the A9 yesterday afternoon Bernie had an 'Oh no, I left the iPad on the floor beside the bed this morning' moment. Really??!! The more he thought about i ...
8 days ago - Will Abney published a blog
"Asiatic Woman: Want to try some Italian food?"
Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa

May 17th 2015
We actually heard that question today. A Middle Eastern man asked that of an Asian woman walking by his establishment, and I couldn't help but laugh. The morning was probably my favorite time, sinc ...
8 days ago - Trabern published a blog
Nîmes - Aigues-Mortes - Béziers
May 15th 2015
This morning it was cold and windy in Avignon. It was so cold and blustery that Tatiana served breakfast upstairs in the house. We were told when we arrived that the venue for breakfast depends entire ...
8 days ago - A Small Swede in the Big World published a blog
January 22nd 2015
Hello my fellow travellers! After another good nights sleep I feel very relaxed today and with no real plans I decided to just take this day at a very leisure pace. I began by taking the BTS Skytra ...
8 days ago - TeoYongSheng published a blog
The best of Taiwan, a 10D/9N trip - Part I
May 10th 2015
After a couple of short trips to nearby Malaysia and Indonesia, the first big one for the year arrived. Having had little time to plan for our itinerary, we pieced together some recommendations online ...

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