Photos from Central America Caribbean - page 8

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Lizard chillin
enjoying our time on land
Photo 24
one of the villages
absolute bliss
Sunset at E Mirador
future leader
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20101219 moulinsurmer 063
20101219 moulinsurmer 075
20101219 moulinsurmer 072
20101219 moulinsurmer 056
20101219 moulinsurmer 007
20101219 moulinsurmer 052
20101219 moulinsurmer 002
20101219 moulinsurmer 039
Reflections and appreciations
Petit Goave
That's how we feel about the last year - it's gone!
Getting back to PaP was a different story all together...
The last "drop" of the year
These kids are ready for 2011!
The last few laughs for the year
A feast ensued...
Bringing in the "bacon"
Our local fisherman
Makenzi - "I love the smiles here!"
Me and Dani
Me and Dani
Pier on Great Bay, Philpsburg
San Martin
Keep Them Out...
Lake Atitlan
On that magical dock
Old San Juan
Neat alley-way
having a meeting with women in my family garden group
You can't beat the beaches
Kuna feet garments
Red frog on leaf on the island of Bastimentos
Sea stars in the water at Bocas del Toro
Dragon-like iguana
National theatre at dusk in San Jose
Iguana at Manuel Antonio NP
local transport
Sunrise, Rendezvous Caye
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