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Ja efter turen til Coban var der ikke meget energi tilbage!!! saa de naeste dage stod saadan set bare paa afslapning, shopping og druk...:) Og ja saa begyndte jeg jo ogsaa at tage spansklektioner hos Leas laerers soester (fik I den? :) Sylvia! Hun er bare helt kanon!!! Det er nok noget af det, jeg har vaeret allermest glad for at jeg fik gjort! Troede ikke det skulle vaere muligt at laere Jeanette noget spansk og tror da heller ikke at jeg nogensinde rigtig kommer til det, men forstaaelsen er bare blevet meget bedre. Og ja saa har det bare vaeret nogle helt vildt hyglige timer (privat) paa en hygli cafe med dejlig snakker om alt mellem himmel og jord, og udover spansk har jeg ogsaa bare faa laert en hel del om Guatemala og ... read more
Tilbage i Antigua
Tilbage i Antigua
Tilbage i Antigua

Since the last journal entry concerning Puerto Cabesas, we then proceeded to travel to a small town called El Ayote. Actually, I don´t even know that Ayote should qualify as a "town": it´s a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, out-of-the-way place in the middle of the mountains in Nicaragua´s Southern Atlantic Region (RAAS). It consists of a few muddy roads, lined with sagging little buildings that look like they can barely support their own weight, let alone the weight of the heavy rain that purpetually pounds down on them, turning the "streets" into muddy cess pools. It´s the kind of place that if you blink twice, you would miss it. Thus, you can understand my shock when I was informed that El Ayote has recently been classified as an "urban" area by the Nicaraguan government. "It´s a city," I ... read more
the muddy streets of El Ayote
a kitchen in El Ayote
me & Sandinista posters!

All right, I was very nervous because well I was going to meet my dad for the first time and my family and I didn't kow how it'll be but at the same time I felt safe because my friend Vladislav was there. I was also calmed by our driver who is the driver for one of the coronel in NIcaragua (Big guy) When we got there, we stopped at a first farmacy and we asked about my my surprise everyone was friendly and well my family is well known there. Well by 11am we made it and my aunt started to call all my family members to see was great I met my 93years old grandpa who looks in great shape. Well it was great having my family there talking to me but ... read more
Papa Jones
Vlad vs Chocoyito

Elsa, Christina and I woke up this morning at 4.30, made some ghetto mac ´n cheese we found in the market yesterday, and left under the cover of darkness so we could be outside the school before 6am. I never expected Guate to be creepy in the morning, but when it´s pitch black outside, and you can´t tell where you are because the shops are all closed and bare without their signs, and you can´t figure out for the life of you what kinds of animals are making those creepy noises from the bushes…it´s easy to be a little jumpy! Anyway, we basically sat alongside the street in the dark with our friend Cornell for about ½ hour waiting for our guide to show up…*shrug* Guate time. Just a fun tidbit about our new buddy...Cornell is ... read more
Agua, Acatenango, y Fuego
The path

Ok so due to things beyond my control i have been unable to post anything for some time. maybe if i find the time i will go back through my pictures and post some from my last few months in Switzerland but until then i will have to start the next chapter in my travels. As most of you know, i am now in Puerto Rico. for those of you who dont know the full story of how i got here, here it is; I had been home for about one month and had yet to find a job. I was splitting my time between friend's couches in LA and my home in Fallbrook. i got the opportunity to train for one week with the national team up in Aneheim and of course took the opportunity. ... read more
Cool Camera Feature
Winning gift

I guess it's nice for people to have the option of school. My classmates and I stayed in a barrio called El Trapeche but since Jalapa was the closest "city," I put that down as our location. Jalapa is the agricultural capital of Nicargua. We worked in Nueva Esperanza, a small barrio whose people had requested a school. It is my understanding that the school was a reward to the people for working together to build a potable water system for their small community. Last year, people in the community were dying of plague. Yes, "the" plague. My teacher, Deb Young, has been building relationships with the people in that part of the country for twenty years, originally drawn to the area by the war (think Sandinistas). She works with the people in and around Jalapa ... read more
Adobe bricks
Kids in Nueva Esperanza
The "city" of Jalapa

After a week at Market Fish Cay we were running low on fresh vegis and decided to go to Great Harbor Cay, the only island in the Berries that has a grocery store. We mainly needed green peppers and tomatoes, the key ingredients for conch salad (which is similar to ceviche- very tasty!) So we sailed the two hours and anchored off a beautiful bay in Great Harbor. This half moon bay is a couple miles long with soft white sand and small bohemian cottages that were just adorable. In the middle of the bay is the beach club, a great restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. We went there one day for lunch and had a wonderful time; it has an impressive view of the bay and is nestled in some palm trees. Great Harbor ... read more
Great Harbor Bay
The Beach Club

When you chose the right place (and have the right passport) things can work out to develop rather fast. In the internet I found '2 days' on a list of waiting times for visa applications behind the capital of Nicaragua, Managua. Something that let me ignore all warnings about this dangerous city. So I had to find out for myself. When I came there and first wanted to walk a few blockes for a dinner place a local family stoped me right away to tell me that I was certainly going to be robbed if I would continue to walk down the street. After some discoussion about taxi and other restaurants the family was so kind to escort me to my place in order to prevent my being robbed. How kind of them! And looking down ... read more

After getting some much needed sleep last night, I got up this morning and took some of the students to Fuentes Georginas, some hot springs located about 15 minutes from Zunil. On the way there one minibus and one pick-up got stuck (in opposite directions) and it took about 20 minutes for them to get out of the mud. Because of the affects of Hurricane Stan in Guatemala, there are still severe mudslides in the mountains when it rains. The warm water felt good, seeing that I was a bit sore from the long hike the day before. We stayed there for a while and left around 12:30 or 1 pm. There were no pick-ups at the gates like normal and we had to wait a while for a ride. After 10 minutes a group of ... read more
Road to Fuentes Georginas
Crops on the Hillside
Traffic Jam...Guatemalan Style

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