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Parque de diversions - Amusement Park The day finally arrived! We weren’t able to find much information about this park prior to our visit. One guide book described it as a splendid 12-acre Disney-style attraction. Moon handbooks called it the Williamsburg of Costa Rica. The description left us wondering. Our initial attempt to visit the park on Thursday provided just the information Callista needed to convince her THIS was the place to go. One look at the giant roller coaster was all she needed to get her adrenaline pumping. For Bill, the sign 2 x 1 Viernes got his blood pumping. Entrance for the Parque de Diversiones was about $15.00 for the three of us. We arrived just as the gates were opening at 9am found a good parking spot in the shade and headed in ... read more
Antique Cars
paddle boats
Bumper cars

Here are some more dive photos from my second time in Roatan with Lorna, completing my Advanced Open Water course. We saw many weird and wonderful things in the sea including an octapus, giant starfish, baracudas, more turtles, and on my last day a shark as big as me! On one of the dives several giant Grouper fish followed us around and allowed us to pet them - they look hilarious with their fat lips and curious eyes (see photo below!). I'm proud to say I completed 23 dives this holiday. I'm afraid I'm hooked, but unfortunately neither England nor Canada are known for its dive sites. I may have to return to the Caribbean some time soon...... read more
Agylla ship wreck
Giant Star Fish
colourful coral

22.04.06 Ich lief in Begleitung von Lina und Tadea zum Oasis Hostal, wo ich mein Gepaeck deponiert hatte. Hier durfte ich kurz ins Internet gehen um zu sehen, ob Steffen sich mit mir treffen wird. Die Nachricht war leider negativ, er konnte zurzeit keine Ferien nehmen. Irgendwie demotivierte mich diese Antwort sehr, denn man macht sich halt immer schon Vorstellungen und Plaene, die dann in nichts aufgeloest werden. Ich versuchte in einem Laden und im Hostal Central noch ein Buch einzutauschen, fand aber kein Gutes. Nach dem Fruehstueck kehrte ich ins Hostal zurueck und ging zur Bushaltestelle. Ich fuhr nach Managua, fast 1,5 Stunden. Von dort aus fuhr ich weiter nach León. Von der Bushaltestelle aus nahm ich einen Lokalbus, der mich praktisch vor dem Hostal rausliess. Ich checkte ein und machte als erstes einen Internetbesuch, ... read more
León - fahrende Eisdiele
León - Einbruchgefahr?

We took the overnight boat from Ometepe to the village of San Carlos, located at the head of the Rio San Juan. We had planned to go down to El Castillo, the site of a Spanish fort, and spend a few days before returning to San Carlos and then up the Rio Frio to Costa Rica. Some advice to anyone travelling this route: no matter what you hear or are told, you cannot access money using a bank card nor can you charge anything to a card once you leave Ometepe!!!!! No ATMs on Ometepe, and the bank in San Carlos wouldn´t even take travellers checks....!!! We had enough $$$ to stay just one night on the sad.... Back to the trip.... When the boat arrived, it took on passengers, lots of plantains (like large ... read more
On the boat
On the boat
On the boat

Well, here i am in Nicaragua: I can barely belive it! What´s strange is how at HOME I feel, and Í only just got here. Maybe it will hit me later... But all the stressing about the trip b4 I left, and the hours sitting on the plane and worrying myself to the point that I felt like I was going to throw up (but fortunately didn´t!) must have used up my worry-quota for at LEAST a year. So when I finally arrived, I wasn´t worried at all. I was barely even looking out of the cab windows, it was just like¨"O, OK, here I am¨. It feels like home already. Strange, eh? Juliana (my hostess) and I hit it off right away. I think we´re going to get along really well. I can already tell ... read more
Thelma, Lin, me, and Steve at the airport
me and Mum at the airport
Juliana and  Coffee plant

What a great part of Costa Rica. Even the 6 hour bus trip was beautiful. Lush green cattle farms and rolling hills alternating with forested mountains, the roads lined with bizzy lizzies and tree ferns. Unfortunately the 'direct' bus from San Jose, stopped for anyone and everyone, including the schoolkids on their way home later in the afternoon. Once again on arriving, we were met by loads of touts and 'tourist guides' all promoting their favourite hostel (of course all offering them a kick back). It is my worst part of travelling. Normally by the time we get to our destination we are hot, dusty, normally hungry and all in all pretty darn miserable. Having the task of then trying to lug our bags around just gets us grumpier! It was so muggy when we arrived, ... read more
Catarana Waterfall
Treating ourselves!

Museo de Los Ninos The Museo De Llos Ninos is an awesome place for children and adults alike. It is located in central San Jose. The building was a former prison turned into a children’s museum. I don’t know the whole story of the transition but will include some pictures of an area of the museum they keep on exhibit of the former prison. The museum was an unplanned trip this day. It was a place both Bill and I wanted to visit so we were willing participants. What a treat. This is a hands-on science and technology museum for children spread out on three floors. It is similar but not really to the science museum in Phoenix. Perhaps a combination of the Southwest Museum in Mesa and the Science Museum on Phoenix is a better ... read more
Egypt exhibit
Earthquake simulator
Being eaten alive

A four hour boat ride took us to the island of Ometepe. The sun was setting as we approached and volanco Concepsion was in full view with smoke steaming from its crater. Ometepe is a very large island centered in the world's largest freshwater lake. It was formed by two volcanos named Maderas and Concepsion. Twenty years ago there were thousands of Bull sharks inhabiting its waters. They were able to enter through a lake connected to the ocean. As man would have it the sharks were eliminated from the lake with ten years. Thats ok because now it's safe for us to swim! We stayed at the southern end called Merida. The hostel was alot like a campground. We slept in cabin bunks, ate buffet style meals and hung out in our trunks while swinging ... read more

goodmorning folks!! due to my lack of money recently, i wasnt able to access internet while on the beautiful coast. it was a wicked 5 days though and now that im back in the busy city of san jose i realise just how gorgeous that blue Carribean coast water is!! Adam Rog and myself arrived in the rain on saturday afternoon. The quietness struck us as we unpacked at the hostel, missing the other 7 groups members that somehow dropped like flies before we left! The atmosphere and culture of Puerto Viejo was so different from the communities we had been living in for the last two months. Touristy, so colourful, had a breeeeeeze from the ocean, much more pricey, but the biggest difference was definetly the ethnicity of the people. It was really the Caribbean ... read more

Travel blog - PART II (This is a lot ... but I've finally caught up!!) We entered Livingston, Guatemala not knowing what to expect at all. * We spent most of our time speaking with people from of the Garifuna culture. I danced with locals, saw one of the Semana Santa processions (it's kind of like religious parades that they have each day during Easter week in towns all over Latin America that focus on the Easter events), and ate fresh garlic shrimp every day ... and enjoyed every single one. * Our next stop was Tikal which was AMAZING. Our cabins were in the jungle - literally. The Jungle Lodge cabins were in the middle of the national park, a few minutes walk away from the pyramids we would see. Monkeys woke me up twice ... read more

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