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Central America Caribbean January 12th 2007

Tara left yesterday and I am now officially the sole Club O2 Director onboard. We also finished off the last cruise. Pics here are of Tara’s last night at the Legend Crew Bar and of some of the teens from the last cruise. Our current cruise is crazy. Our entire ship has been chartered out by a company who has sold vacations to attend this special cruise that’s happening: Rock The Boat. Basically, there are 3000 rock fans onboard who are here to sail, party and watch rock concerts for 4 days. Onboard we have something like a dozen bands including Better Than Ezra, Sister Hazel and Collective Soul. The concerts start at 9am and there is always live music somewhere until 4am. It is crazy I tell you! During the boat drill yesterday, everybody was ... read more
Tara & Brooks
Rusty, Lexie & Jeremy
Genevieve & Me

Nous voila a Antigua. Belle grande ville de touristes et de locaux qui vievent de touristes.Je sais pas si j aime ca...Il fait environ 12 degre celcius Nous revenons de San Pedro la laguna, village au bord du lac Atitlan. Nous avons passe 3 jours dans une famille chez qui nous avons heberge pour 60 quetzales une nuite. La maman de la famille nous a appris a faire les tortillas et nous nous avons confectionne chacun une ceinture en tissage. Je prefere ces echanges aux echanges superficiels avec les gens qui nous voient que comme des TOURISTES rien de plus. Derriere nous, beaucoup de journees passees aux pays de la bonne humeur et du soleil. Devant nous, une dizaine de jours avant notre retour jusqu a vous, en bus ou en avion, on a pas choisi ... read more

Today we fly home. We had the most increadible trip here. Our Tour Director Shirley was great, she was extreamly knowledgable, fun, spoke good english, and put up with me. Having never been on a tour before it would be had to judge, however among our 42 other members of our group (including many new friends) were quite a few world travelers. They told us that our group was an unusually good mix of people. we had some young college students and some retired professionals, a few of us working stiffs, and a few families. Everyone got along great and each and everyone contributed to the group to make it better. My personal thanks to each of you for your contribution to our fantastic trip. We are sorry to be leaving this beautiful country, however we ... read more

WOW. What an exciting and wonderful 10 days. We visited the Britt coffee plantation today and had a really fun and informative tour and presentation. Now we are back at our hotel in San Jose. Getting ready for our farewell dinner in 50 minutes. Christy is not feeling to good but well but is getting better. Wer will just be taking tomorrow to recover from vacation and then fly home on the 12th.... read more

I leave for my trip in 2.5 days. I'm working hard to finish everything on my to-do list, and I probably won't finish it all. To begin this journey, below I have outlined the following: * General information about Nicaragua--location, background and general economics * General information about Project Chacocente (go to for more information, including how to donate if you choose to do so. * An outline of my goals for my 6 week visit WHERE IS NICARAGUA? It's in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Costa Rica and Honduras. Where will I be? Living on the outskirts of Managua in a area called Sabana Grande, with a family who's pastor is friends with the Director Cheryl. COUNTRY BACKGROUND--Independence from Spain was declared in 1821 and the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Palmares January 11th 2007

The annual fiesta began in Palmares yesterday, January 10th. The festival is touted as one of the biggest in the country. Fiesta_Palmares The fiesta will continue until Jan 22 with concerts, bull fights, various races and a carnival. We're headed to the festival today for the big Tope, or horse parade slated to begin at noon with plans to spend the day mixing in with the crowd and enjoying the festivities. We've been watching the town prepare for the festival and are excited to attend this year. Last year we arrived shortly after the fesitval so this is our first chance to see it. Check back to see what the day brings for us. Pura Vida! Jen, Bill, Callista and Bear We drove into Palmares around 11:30am for their annual Tope, part of Fiestas Palmares. Bill ... read more
Ready to roll
Cowgirl Cal
Palmares Tope 2007

Hello Everyone, We are in San Juan del Sur right now which is a small beach town on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. We are having a great time and were supposed to leave today but decided to stay because we can´t bring ourselves to leave. Hopefully we will be able to move on tomorrow because we are running out of time and want to see as much as we can. Lucas and our friend Scott have been surfing everyday on a local beach called Maderas while Lindsay sits on the beach and counts the grains of sand. The beach is extremely beautiful and it is very isolated and hard to get to. We have to ride for about 45mins in a truck bed that is jam packed with other people. Every now and then the ... read more
Maderas beach
Maderas beach
Maderas beach

Today was a great day, a lot of traveling, but well worth it. We woke up early and hopped on the magical school bus for about 2 hours. We stopped at an "On the Run" gas station for some snacks-- chocolate caliente (chocolate milk) and BBQ fried corn (pretty much the same as corn nuts) Then we traveled on a dirt road for a long time. It was probably a wash and only wide enough for one car/bus. It was bumpy and I was surprised we made it. After a while we reached the point where the bus couldn't go any farther and we had to transfer to a tractor that we stood in the back of while it pulled us uphill, up the very rocky road. Then we reached the mountain village of El Provenir. ... read more
tractor ride
tractor ride
up the mountain

Friday and Saturday we endured orientation to the place that we shall be calling home for the next several months. Friday was a dull 8 hours of hearing about what could be summed up into one, succinct point, "Use common sense." It was however, nice to get some information and spend some time on the campus. If you're curious about the campus, I shall tell you about it. Galen is directly off the Western Highway outside San Ignacio. It is a small community of about 200? students. There is one main building, the library, and a new student center. We have 4 classrooms, and already, after 2 classes, I'm fairly certain I know nearly everyones name in the courses. Saturday we started off bright and early to the local market, which is teeming with more fruits ... read more
Stranded on the Western Highway
Black Leopard
Birdie on a Perch

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