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Into the cloud forest today; we have been so lucky to not have rain. Even though it is the cloud forest, it is unlikely we would have seen the famous resplendent quetzal if there had been rain. We entered the cloud forest with our private guide, Carlos (he is seen in the Lodge video referred to on 20 May), and he was on a mission to have us see the quetzal. There is a bricked path through the forest which is a little difficult to walk on but helps you keep your footing. Carlos showed us many insects and birds, but always chasing the quetzal whose call he could easily identify. The guides all know all the individual bird songs and usually mimic them pretty well. If you call a bird, it will answer because most ... read more
Resplendent quetzal
Emerald toucanette
Grey fox

My boyfriend and I decided to spend our two weeks off work in Central America this year, as neither of us had been there before. So we booked flights with American Airlines to Cancun and began our journey…… Day one We flew the 10 ½ air hours from Heathrow via Miami and landed in Cancun at about 7pm. I didn’t think much of AA, it seemed like a no frills airline, and the service was appalling. It was easy to get from the airport into town, there are plenty of people willing to take your money and ferry you into Cancun. We decided to take the ADO bus for US$3.50. We stayed at the Soberanis Hostel which we booked on hostelworld, and went to bed early as we were tired from the long journey. Day two ... read more

Hola friends, thought it´s about time for another update, although I really had to force myself to go use the internet today. Life has been good these last few days. I left San Pedro Sula the day after my last update and grabbed a bus to La Ceiba early in the morning. I had a nice pizza dinner out in San Pedro on my last night and then just hung around the hotel because it's too dangerous after dark. But the hotel staff were a little more friendly, and I got to practice some Spanish with them. I got up for an early breakfast and caught an early bus to La Ceiba. The bus ride from San Pedro to La Ceiba was one of the most beautiful I have been on. The forests were so lush ... read more

It's been a whirlwind couple of days since I've gotten to Trinidad, but isn't that always how the first couple of days seem? So first things first...Where in the world am I and why? I'm in Trinidad and Tobago (whip out those globes...or look at the little map on the bottom, it's an island off the coast of Venezuela) for the next 7 weeks doing an independent study of sorts studying the marriage and wedding traditions of the area. Translation: I'm crashing Hindu, Muslim, and various types of Christian weddings for the summer. Everytime someone asks what I'm doing here I get less and less sure why I'm here, but every person has enthusiastically told me I'm in the right place for weddings, so here's hoping. I thought coming to an English speaking country would be ... read more
She's a biggun

It is now half-way through the AFS Costa Rica program and we all know what that means! Mid-Stay Evaluation! Actually it was pretty cool to see all the other AFSers again after almost 3 months. The AFS staff talked to us as a group about our experiences and we even put together some small skits to illustrate some of the problems we had faced either with work or family (most of which are much better now). A little trip to Volcán Poás was included in the package as well (and this time the view was clear!). I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again come late July!... read more
Chilling in the game room

Travelling to the Monteverde Cloud Forest area from San Jose is like a two hour trip on Mr. Toad's wild ride. A big part of the road up the mountains is a rocky, gravel, narrow road which shares space with tour buses and locals, even very young kids herding their brahma cows up the mountain and vaqueros on horseback. Very harrowing; everything I read before the trip said don't try to drive the road and I'm glad I didn't. Omar has made the trip tons of time and he is a very cautious driver. It may have taken us a little longer but we were able to see some wildlife along the way, including a rare sighting of a laughing falcon. We would not have spotted it on our own. We also saw a pair of ... read more
Our group
Two toed sloth

During our last days in Miami we made the mistake of reading the foreign office's website and its country-related advice to help us get an idea of what we could expect to find in Central America. We say “mistake” because it put us right off. Each country we looked up sounded worse than the previous one. Of course we're talking about violence and robberies against tourists, including tourist buses hijacks and so on. So when we landed in Panama City we were feeling rather apprehensive. We found a hostel in the bank and commercial district, which is where all the activity is (the old centre is now just a touristic area), and we felt quite safe there. People seemed quite friendly and the restaurants were cheap again. They gave us water with every meal too, so ... read more
The Locks opening (2nd phase) / Las esclusas abriéndose (2a fase)
Boat ready to continue its journey (3rd phase) / El barco continúa su viaje (3a fase)
Panama City church / Iglesia en la Ciudad de Panamá

We tossed a coin to decide to go to Flores and Tikal the unmissable via either Rio Dulce, near the Carribean coast, or Coban in the sweaty centre of the country. Coban and won, and ´scuse my slightly dated language, but "boy was it a winner"! Well not Coban as such, it is a dive, got a nice hostel and a sweet resteraunt, but otherwise rammed with people gathering for what appeared to be the biggest running race event in Guatemala. But people don´t come to Coban for Coban. Nearby is a truly awesome waterfall that comprises a set of crystal pools (the largest nearly of olympic proportions in depth and surface, and totalling say 20, each on a different level, with a gentle trickle of water between). All of this comprises a grand 300m limestone ... read more

We arrived at Hoffmans Cay and found it to be a great little spot to enjoy all that the Berry Islands had to offer and ended up staying there for over a week because we liked it so much. Not only was there still great fishing but we were nestled in between lots of smaller islands which we could explore. Out typical day was to read and enjoy our coffee in the cool morning breeze. Around noon the sun would get high in the sky and we would all start getting hot. That is when we would start the process of gathering up all our stuff for the beach. Once at the beach Kona and Zoe would swim (Kona’s favorite new game is to chase after rocks that we would throw in the water) while we ... read more
The anchorage
Rock Formation

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