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We had a flight booked to head out to Tortuguero at 5:45am, which meant being at the airport at 5am, which meant getting a taxi at 4:30am, which meant getting up at 4:15am - hooray! We had decided to stay another day in San Jose to try and get my camera repaired, since I didn't want to lug it around if it was no use. We tried calling the airline to see if we could change the ticket but had no luck, so we just caught the taxi out to the airport anyway to change the flight if we could, or, catch the flight if the ticket could not be changed. Fortunately the flight was easily changed and we headed back to the hotel, checked back in and went back to bed! We got up later ... read more

So i finally left the island paradise of Utila where I was offered 2 jobs the day before I left. Take it my new friedns did not want me to leave. I have been travelling with 2 brits and a boy from North Carolina. Good boys they are. I went river rafting to give myself a good kick in he ass. I went with a french canadian guy named Gabriel so I figured I was in good hands. We rafted the Rio Cangrejal which has class 4 and 5 rapids. No worries people it was too easy. Didnt flip once. We had the best guide avaiable to humanity. Saw my friend Shane off to his volunteer position off the coast and left the caribean for the heartland mountains of Honduras. the heat is much more managable. ... read more
Tranquilla Bar
The cops have a Tuk Tuk
Took took

Intro to Antigua Nestled between three volcanoes, Antigua is almost impossibly cute... cobbled streets, mustard- and orchre-colored houses with colonial fittings, the leafy central park... did they get somebody to do all this stuff? Most hotels have an "everybody in by 1am" policy, too. Antigua's profusion of language schools and drinking holes has made it a magent for half-assed language students and serious cocktail swiller alike, and there's always a sizable gringo population. Some people love it, some hate it, but you'd be silly to miss it. Antigua is cold after sunset so bring warm clothes. Antigua residents are known by the nickname panza verde (green belly), as they are said to eat lots of avocados, which grow abundantly here. History Antigua was founded on March 10, 1543, and served a... read more
Lila by the Fountain in Parque Central
Lila and Ronald Chilling in the McDonald's Courtyard
Joe, Lila, and the Lava

For evalyn´s birthday we all got dressed up and went to the Marriott to celebrate!! There was a show and everything. We ate at a buffet that is supposed to be the best in Panama.. it was really good! i have been eating food so delecious here its hard to believe that i eat better here than i do in utah! haha.. ahhhh i love panama!! We had this cute waiter guy helping us the whole tima and at one point these white guys sat down at the table next to us. As vanessa saw them she was like Hello.. talk to me... just joking but our waitor thought that she was talking to him and then he realized that she was wanting to say it to the white guys.. it was soo funny he started ... read more
Las Chicas
Panama Dancers!

Yesterday I was surveyed by an anthropology student from the University of Albany (and no, thats not a euphamism, although she was cute) about why I came to Guatemala, which, incidentally, was the number one question my friends asked me when I came here. Among the multiple choice answers was: a) to purchase native crafts b) to enjoy the natural splendor c) because of the history and archaeological findings d) to learn spanish. I have to tell you, it ain´t any of those. I mean, I´ve always been attracted to Central America. Something about small countries with turbulent pasts just seems to interest me. What´s all the fussin´and a fightin´about? But theres also the culture, which is really different than ours and yet, because I grew up in LA, very familiar. But really, I´m here ... read more

Guatamala is PERFECTO! Been able to practice my espanol. Flores is an amazing island town, with cobble-stone streets & these little tiny go-cart type cars, really good food, & very friendly people. Went to Tikal, the largest Mayan Ruins in meso America, breath-taking. I really needed this rest, gotta get ready for 1 month of mission trips.... read more
Tikal Towers
Flores, Guatemala
Tuk-tuk car

Hello.. just a quick one, as I am falling very behind with this thing!! We arrived in Costa Rica over a rickety bridge from Panama, and stayed on the Carribean coast in Puerto Viejo A chilled out beachy place.. did a little more relaxing before heading off to San Jose to meet my friend Gill, straight of the plane from England!! San Jose was not that great, just a big city really, but was very excited to be waiting at the airport for Gill!! Although became very apparent that Costa Rica has a different kind of tourist... mainly Texans! Costa Rica is to the US what Spain is to the UK. But still beautiful.. we took a bus up to Monteverdi a cloud forest in the north.. Gills first one.. also the first one I have ... read more
Puerto Viejo..
A bridge in the forest..

We had a delightful series of flights to Costa Rica, with a flight to San Francisco, a 3 hour stopover, a midnight flight to Houston, another 3 hour stopover, and then a flight to San Jose at about 6am. It was great to arrive in the humidity and heat of Costa Rica's captial, San Jose - a nice change from the dryness of Calgary! We caught a taxi into town and checked into the Colonial Hotel. We had a full day of exploring the city, which was a lot nicer than we expected. The town was a mixture of really run-down places and some old colonial buildings that were still kept in good shape. On our first trip out we got caught in one of those tropical downpours and bought some small umbrellas from one of ... read more

Didn't sleep the previous night because we left for the bus stop in Alajuela at 3am. The bus left at 4am and didn't get to the hotel in Panama until 7pm.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba July 9th 2006

Every year for the past 14 years, the United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution calling on the United States to end its trade embargo against Cuba, originally introduced in 1961, several months after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Every year for the past 14 years, the United States has ignored this call by up to 182 nations. While I don't want to go into the rights and wrongs of the embargo and the government of Fidel Castro, the embargo did influence our travels: In order to get to Havana from Los Angeles, we had to fly via a third country, as no direct commercial flights exist between the US and Cuba. On Friday evening we left the United States on an Air Canada flight to Toronto. I was surprised ... read more
Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis
Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana
View from Camara Oscura, Plaza Vieja

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