where in the world?

Published: March 9th 2012
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Wow! The flight here was amazing. yesterday it was the best part of the trip as tired as I was I couldnt stop looking out the window. I love flying. Go lost for a while today, but what a great place to do it in. Contrary to what people say Cancun really isnt Mexico. its just to modern, to touristy and more expensive unless you know where to go. Im staying in a hostel where its 11 bucks a night including breakfast. Met some interesting people from Sweden and the us. travelers "real travelers" are a different breed than the touristas. I dont have any photos yet but I'm heading deeper. Later


9th March 2012

Getting Lost?
That will be a constant so get used to it. As for the real travelers from US Those ones in Cancun aren't it! LOL Cancun is merely a jumping off spot meant to be gotten out of quick! Have a great trip!

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