Published: January 12th 2011
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12.01.2011 – not sure what time it is as my watch has decided to pack it in already!

I'm on the plane above the Atlantic, just starting “my trip of a lifetime”.
I'd written an intro to this about 6 months ago when I decided to go away in the first place, but that's on a piece of paper somewhere in my house so I guess I'll have to start again...
I decided back in May 2010 to go on a little round the world expedition. The original plan was 3 months in Central and South America followed by 3 months in Australia and New Zealand with, finances allowing, an extra stop around Thailand, Vietnam and neighbouring countries on the way back. That plan quickly changed to 6 months in Central America followed by 3 months in Australia and New Zealand as I discovered that with 3 months on the first leg, I wouldn't even scrape the surface...
What else... A bit about me: I'm a 32 year old French girl and have been living in the UK for a bit over 10 years now. I nearly went to South America when I was 22 but couldn't afford it at the time, so pushed it to the back of my head and forgot about it for 10 years. So here we are, 10 years later and it was a bit of a “now or never” question, so I decided to do it. I'm going all on my own because first of all, I couldn't find anyone to join me, but also because I can't imagine anyone being able to put up with me for that long under the challenging circumstances I am bound to encounter.

I'm sure you'll find some of this boring but hopefully it might help answer some questions from people thinking about taking the plunge. And of course, nobody is forcing you to read it all!


24th April 2011

Tes blog sont super interessants. C'est super de lire tes aventures et tu as beaucoup de courage de faire ce long voyage seule. Sophie
25th April 2011

Merci! Ca fait toujours plaisir d'entendre que ca plait!
30th May 2011

I like the way of your blog-ing. simple yet interesting. :D

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