The Road to El Salvador

Central America Caribbean
November 29th 2009
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First view of the WavesFirst view of the WavesFirst view of the Waves

View from our room at La Guitarra resort, El Tunco beach
After four nights in Antigua we were ready for a new country and to get back to the Pacific. We have had just the best time travelling across land but were really excited to be going back to the ocean and to one of the top surfing destinations in the world.

Our transfer was uneventful and now we are starting to spot a Frontera town a mile off, they all just have this look and you know you are about to change countries. The Guatemalan / El Salvador one proved the easiest yet, as we were in a tourist bus we were driven to immirgration and literally got swiped out / in and were on our way. Not always so easy and it was apparent from the truckers that they were in for a wait as they had strung up hammocks under their vehicles and were taking a nap to pass time!

El Salvador is known to be one of the most chilled of the Central American countries and we had been told to expect ultra friendly people who would be perhaps a little more genuine than those we come across in Costa Rica. So familiar as we are with Costa we did not realise until we began on this journey how hardened Costa has made us and actually prepared us for the tough lifestyle that is the norm out here. By that carrying huge guns and knives is the norm, some places you just don´t walk at night and life is just harder for the people. The kids who sell us stuff and adults alike basically eat only if they sell, no social security here for anyone. Ironically it´s the drugs that are clearly worst in Costa, I thought it would be elsewhere but just shows that as beautiful as it is they seem to really have it's share of the problems.

BTW we are now just over half way and it feels so weird, at first just a holiday and now life. I feel like we have been away far longer and we have met so many people from all nations and experienced so much already. We are both so chilled, things could not be better and it´s just the best experience ever.


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