Somewhere over the Atlantic

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August 27th 2007
Published: September 11th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

It's so quiet on the plane. Everyone finally fell asleep. I've been forcing myself tto sleep the whole time, but I can't anymore. It's 6:51 UK time, so I will have a long day ahead of me, although I feel like I'll be ok. The sun is rising but hasn't hit above the clouds yetwhich is really prety. Everyone keeps commenting on how cool and chil i've been about eerything. Which is true, but so weird. I wonder when it's going to hit me.

The plane was sooo hot before we took off.We taxied out and then the pilot comes on and says "we've just taxied out but so did 22 other planes.We are currently in line number 23.It will be a while"Actually it only took maybe 30 minutes to take off.They were very swift about the whole thing.There wasn't much turbulance at all except from the somewhat rammy girl behind me.We were on a 757 which surprised me for an international 6.5 hour flight.Plus the tvs didn't work so there was no movie?all the better for me to sleep I suppose.

I'm preparing myself to gain weight right away until I preset my metabolisms clock.

I love looking at the clouds beneath us.There's a weird comforn they give me.As if when I fell they would be there to comfort me 100 feet below.Too bad I'd slip right through them 3000 feet below.I wish the plane would turn a bit so I could watch the sunrise.It's funny how it seems like you're going so slow but you really aren't.And it gets brighter and brigher infront of you but never seems to reach me (no matter how many times I go on a plane this never ceases to amaze me)

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