Goodbye South America, Hello Central!

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Marcos and his Big FishMarcos and his Big FishMarcos and his Big Fish

This is right before they sawed off its head and tail and chopped it up into delectable little pieces.
Nothing is ever as it seems. We envisioned a tranquil lounge underneath flapping sails lazily taking us to the San Blas Islands of Panama...cocktail in hand. Four days of this we expected, but then again, what do we know. Four days ended up being pushed to seven, but none of us were ready to give up our sea legs at the end of it.
We were a day late in leaving Cartegena as the immigration people kept demanding more stamps on more papers, but finally late Sunday afternoon we watched as Marcos, our captain, explained to his 17 year old first-mate, who had never been sailing before, how to pull up the anchor and roll out the sails. Any semblance of the peace we were anticipating flew off the deck with the White Pidgeon´s first big dip into the world of the ¨open sea.¨ For two straight days and two straight nights we hung on for dear life as we watched 15-20 ft. swells swallow us whole, spitting spray over the top. To move about the boat, let alone cook and eat a meal or use the restroom, took more exertion than living out an entire day on dry land. Sleeping
Americans OverboardAmericans OverboardAmericans Overboard

How we passed most days...
was nearly impossible as every two minutes or so you´d get flung either off the bed or into the wall. Silence was hard to find amidst the constant, high-pitched drone of our ¨cook´s¨ chattering. She hardly did any cooking, would look at us and say something in melted Spanish which nobody could understand, and would sashay around in her thong with not an ounce of shame. Really, as much as we wanted to superglue her mouth shut or give her a nudge off the side, she added spice, a Colombian flavor of salsa music and Reggaeton.
All this sounds like it could be potentially miserable...and maybe it would´ve been had we been as sick as our fellow passengers, of whom included the cook and the first mate, but the trip was perfect. Marcos made perfect meals, the 7ft., 100 lb marlin the boys of the boat caught made perfect ceviche, the snorkelling in the islands was perfectly underwordly, sleeping in hammocks in the guest hut of the native island people get the point.
Friday rolled around and the immigration officer decided he didnt want to come back until tuesday, maybe wednesday, so we did some more hanging around on
typical San Blastypical San Blastypical San Blas

pretty much sums it up
the boat (was more of what we envisioned this time), soccer games on the beach, just good old fashioned fun, until Sunday. We got on a 20 seat airplane and scooted over to Panama City we visited the Canal and are living in the lap of luxury at the Marriott. Some way to travel.

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Gordo, the Englishman, the German, and bowls of fresh marlin.
Island ForayIsland Foray
Island Foray

The morning after we spent the night with the locals (from left, Elise, Graham, Francesca from North Carolina, Adriano the 17 year old and Gordo)
Friendly PeopleFriendly People
Friendly People

The islanders dressed Elise up in all their garb and giggled. In this picture, the grandfather is trying to convince her to get a nose ring. Guest hut in the background.
White Pidgeon plus someWhite Pidgeon plus some
White Pidgeon plus some

We had 12 in total on our boat...the others are four Argentines who were stuck waiting for the immigration man, too. We are standing about twenty feet from the cracked and weed-eaten tarmac.

14th March 2007

Not long until you reach Costa Rica!
Unit! Think of me when you reach Costa Rica. "The Coleman" and I went there for our honeymoon 2 years ago. You must zip line through the rain forest! They call it a canopy tour. You'd love it! Love you! Say hi to Little Unit!
15th March 2007

What times!
Hey y'all! Gary passed this along to my dad, who in turn passed the link to me. Your journey is one I would totally be in to! It seems like an amazing trip of a lifetime and I'm so glad that y'all are able to experience it...I wish I could! Our generation has been so fortunate! Have fun and stay safe!

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