Animals of Central America

Published: March 7th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

These are some of the Animals we have taken pictures of in the last 8 months in Central America. There are some wierd and wonderful and very strange indeed and thought who would like to have a look at what we have seen.

I would say the majority of these pictures took about 30 shots each. A combination of a tempermental camara, shackey hands from too much drinking and wildlife that actual decide to move just as you take the shot, the cheek of it!

Additional photos below
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Mexico - fighting lizardsMexico - fighting lizards
Mexico - fighting lizards

Either that or they're having sex!
Stingrays, BelizeStingrays, Belize
Stingrays, Belize

We were surronded by about 20 of them. All very gentle no problems.
Frigate Bird, BelizeFrigate Bird, Belize
Frigate Bird, Belize

They inflate their red throat to make a loud noise for a mating call to attract a female.

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